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    Well I've applied to a total of 4 different departments so far, I pass my interviews (don't receive a letter, others who receive interview receive letter saying they fail). I assume the reason I don't move on in these cases is my lack of experience.

    I've decided I'm going to go ahead and start taking online courses and work towards a degree.

    The degree I believe would be a great choice (I know getting in it doesn't really matter what degree you have) would be a Business Management associates degree: http://www.kyvc.org/learning/ViewPro...spx?PROID=701#.

    I was wandering if I could receive the advice of the police officers, sergeants and above of this career field in how well this degree would help in the short and long run.

    Also while in the hiring process does mentioning currently working towards a degree help in getting through the process?

    Thank you.

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    On top of this would this degree help more in the short or long run? http://elearning.kctcs.edu/bbcswebda...nt%20Track.pdf

    I've heard several times that law enforcement degrees (criminal justice) are pretty worthless as you'll basically learn all of it during the academy. THank you.


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      Personally I would stay away from a CJ degree like it was the plague (I have one and I knew this going in) unless you are going of an AA and plan to pursue a BA/BS in another field; others swear by it. I suggest International Relations, Political Science, Management, Business, Accounting, Pre-Law, etc.


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        Would the process of obtaining a degree be looked upon favorably by a police department? Such as applying and trying to get on and mentioning during the interview you're currently in school for x degree?


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          Get a degree in what YOU think is valuable and what YOU think is interesting and in something YOU want to do. What I think is not the same as what another Officer may think nor what someone on the hiring board may think. If you absolutely have to have a Criminal Justice degree, then get it. Just make an informed decision about it.

          A degree in International Relations, Political Science, Management, Business, Accounting, Pre-Law, Basket Weaving, Chemical Engineering, etc. may look great on paper and it might be well-sought after by some companies and agencies but what do you want to achieve with that education? I know individuals with high-end degrees in those fields and they have no full-time job... Why? They thought the degree would be valuable to get, but they didn't know what value it was for them individually. They just heard from someone they knew that had a best friend whose roommate in college got the degree and scored some major Federal gig with a 6-digit paycheck.

          You identified that you want to be a Police Officer. Get a degree in a subject you like and perhaps you can use your interests in that subject and bring it into law enforcement. Finance or Accounting Degree? Maybe fraud and money laundering cases. Computer degree? Computer crimes. Business Management? Learning administration and management for when you move up the ladder. Insight into business perspective of loss prevention, profit, business law, etc. Good luck... and have fun.


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