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Federal Air Marshals


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  • Federal Air Marshals

    Anyone know when the Air Marshals might start hiring again?

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    Just out of curiosity, why do you want to be a FAM? I was detailed to the FAMS for 6 months a few years ago, and I gotta be honest, its a boring job flying everyday. Its also unhealthy, breathing stale air each day, eating expensive unhealthy airport food and most of the FAMS I'm still friends with all have sinus problems and need to wear compression socks for the longer international flights.

    They do make good money with the amount of perdiem each month, and the guys I was partnered up with were all great guys and very professional, but in 6 months when I counted how many days I slept in hotels vs how many times I was at home, I was ready for the detail to be over.

    My .02 is to research and know what your getting into. Its not a vacation job where you fly somewhere and get a few days off to "sight see" and then fly home. You fly, get off the plane and go to the hotel and about 14-17hrs later your in the air again. If your flying turns, you will fly to several airports in one day and be back home that night, but those also make for long, long days.

    Anyways good luck
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      Not likely hiring anytime soon, unfortunately. The job is what you make it. You have to keep yourself physically fit to cope with the demands of rigorous travel. Domestic flying can be a bit monotonous, but if you are lucky enough to get an office with a high international tempo, it can be great. We have our share of complainers, but most of us toast to the good life, and are very thankful! Guys that do decide to flirt with other opportunities, are very selective about where they might go.


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        I BEX'ed with 4 FAMS earlier this year. They all were very professional, however they all expressed the lack of satisfaction after 4-5 years of flying. The most common complaint I heard was a lack of leadership in management with a large portion of their supervisors coming from the Secret Service and simply not having much to do while flying. They all expressed that the pay was good (per diem), the shooting training was awesome, and they enjoyed doing international flights. I also heard 1 FAM say that they're loosing a lot of FAMS through attrition each month and they don't plan to refill those positions. Basically, he was saying they have more FAM than management thinks is needed.
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          I don't they'll ever hire again. If they ever do it'll be DC or NYC. Seems like there slowly ramping down.


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            I have been researching the job for several months and have a major interest in it. A former Air Marshal just joined our department to be back home and I have been talking with him. I was just curious if they would be hiring any time soon. Thanks for the replies.


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              Doubtful they will hire in the near future. The FAMs cancelled a vacancy two years ago, have been receiving horrible press, and there are many in congress that want to kill the program.

              I agree though, the job is what you make of it. Many of my friends that are FAMs love it. Others hate it.


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                Originally posted by H2oLEO View Post
                Anyone know when the Air Marshals might start hiring again?
                From everything I've heard - no, not for a long time.


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                  They may never hire again. I was a FAM for almost 4 years. Travel was great and per diem was even better. The downside of course was the long INT flights, schedule inflexibility, lack of in band pay increases, and management. Most younger FAMS want out because of poor moral.


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                    Right now FAMs are going thru a process of closing some Field Offices and moving folks to the ones they are keeping open....or letting those folks that don't want to move go away.

                    Once that stabilizes, who knows.

                    TSA is a bloated beast and FAMs will be the first go to until something happens in the air then they will re-hire like crazy for a few classes.....then let the numbers go to crap again.
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                      Thanks for all the info. Always disappointing when you don't get the information you are looking for.


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                        I just turned it on.


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                          Originally posted by jb2257

                          The FBI and CDC are investigating an attack on a federal air marshal who was injected with a syringe full of an unknown substance inside the Lagos, Nigeria airport on Sunday, according to a Situational Awareness notice obtained by

                          A federal air marshal reported being attacked by a subject while on the public side of the Lagos Airport on Sunday, according to an alert from TSA's Transportation Security Operations Center distributed throughout the agency on Monday afternoon.

                          It appeared to be an isolated incident, the alert says.

                          "The [air marshal] reported that the subject stuck him with a syringe and it is believed he was injected with an unknown substance," the alert says.

                          The State Department responded to the airport to assist the air marshal and his team.

                          "After consultation with the consulate and physicians, the [federal air marshal] was given precautionary medication," according to the alert.

                          The air marshal and the rest of his team--along with the syringe used in the attack-- were immediately flown out of Nigeria and back to the U.S.

                          The syringe also was transported back to the U.S. for testing.

                          An FBI spokesman said Monday night, "out of an abundance of caution, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conducted an on-scene screening of the victim when United Flight 143 landed in Houston early Monday morning. The victim did not exhibit any signs of illness during the flight and was transported to a hospital upon landing for further testing. None of the testing conducted has indicated a danger to other passengers."

                          The CDC and the FBI are involved and have opened investigations, the alert states.

                          The TSA, State Department and CDC did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

                          "This investigation is still in the preliminary stage and early indications are limited to a criminal nexus."
                          Now that is unusual. Hopefully, we receive more details in the future.
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                            dude, thats crazy... wow.
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                              The fact that the air marshal didn't draw his weapon and put about 6 in the chest of that guy, I think, shows a lot of restraint. Imagine how ****ed you'd be if someone injected you with an unknown substance in africa.


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