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Agency selection: new recruits and lateral officers


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  • Agency selection: new recruits and lateral officers

    Hey everyone,

    I keep seeing stories around the country about departments having a hard time recruiting qualified applicants and/or lack of applicants in general. Aside from new recruits, I'm also curious where experienced officers are lateraling to these days.

    Two part question:

    *What are new recruits looking for as they select agencies they're interested in (compensation, good retirement, training, department name/legacy)? Back when I was testing it was whoever hired you first

    *What are the lateral officers looking for (better pay, training, or department moral)?


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    I'd bet they are referring to local/state. Word on the street is NCIS had 5K applicants for their recent announcement. I've been told by agents ICE had over 15K for their announcement in 2011ish. No shortage applicants at the federal level. Plus, feds = same retirement & pay...


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      In reference to the first question-it can be local, state or federal. Just curious what new recruits are most interested in these days.

      Its interesting I have more than a few federal LE friends who say if they had to do it over again they would have gone the local route with a big dept. Mostly due to the retirements and off-duty work options local/state departments have versus federal.


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        Wish I had stayed local


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          Guess it's a matter of perspective. I miss camaraderie at the county. Although I wish I could have stayed local, I more than doubled my salary the day I signed on with the Feds. Every state has different salary trends. On average, Ohio doesn't pay it's LEO's very well. It was the correct decision for my family.
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            One local agency, three federal departments, four federal agencies and six positions later my self evaluation is that I moved for a combination of goals, ideals, options, opportunities and a certain sense that I hadn't quite found what I was looking for. Is my path or a similar one for everyone? Nope. But I'm where I want to be, agency and position wise, have satisfactory options and opportunities... and other doors yet should I choose to open them. Time will tell.

            I can say that of my peers that have moved about money, rank, ambition, type of work and quality of life seem to rank high in their decisions to have done so.


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              Thanks for your insights DOA-DOL-DOJ-DHS,

              Two of the guys are with the secret service agents and one is an FBI agent. The SS guys are just plain tired of the travel and have worked with some large local agency guys who have done well financially and have off-duty opportunities they don't (off-duty work, starting their own security companies, starting other businesses, etc). The FBI agent is somewhat similar but it boils down to his retirement. In hind sight he feels he would have been better off locally from a money stand point. All of them though have enjoyed their careers and have seen things they never would have if they went with a local career path.

              I went the local route (10 yrs) and was going to go federal (DEA offer) when I accepted a f/t offer (security professional)in the private sector at a fortune 500 company. I've had a few guys say they wish they had done the same-but you miss the work and the guys-it's different on the private side for sure. That said, the private side's money and quality of life have been absolutely wonderful for me and the family. I manage a team now and when I hire folks and present them an offer-it's actually awesome to see their reactions. All of them are making more than their chiefs, city managers, sheriffs or in two cases their governor. Pretty cool-they needed the law enforcement experience to get there and now that have a second career with a great income to help the upcoming retirement years.


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