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Police Officer Hiring Process Wa state


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  • Police Officer Hiring Process Wa state

    Hey everyone, I just recently took a police officer written exam, and after feeling extraordinarily confident afterwards, I get an email a few days later informing me that I did not pass the test. I asked if I could review my answers, and as it turns out I got a 93% on the first section (cognitive) and the passing score for that was a 70%. On section 2 however, I only received a 72.8% where the passing score was a 75%. Section 2 was the moral type questions, where you answer with "strongly agree, agree, not sure, disagree, strongly disagree." I know my morals are right, but on that section I didn't go to the strongly agree/disagree too often. Is that the reason my score wasn't high enough? I was really discouraged after having failed the test.

    I have future tests coming up with other police departments. This first test was important for me in that it was a good preview for future tests and would help me obviously. I really wanted to make it to the oral board and see how that goes, but alas I did not.

    As a side note, I am active duty army. Been in the service for roughly 3 years now with a combat deployment, just getting ready to get out in around a year or so. I qualify for veterans preference but I am not sure if I can get it until I actually ETS and get the DD-214, as they ask for that if you put veterans preference. Will they put that into perspective for me as I am in the middle of transitioning? It would be very nice to get that little bonus haha...

    For reference I am in the Pierce county area.

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    Are you talking about the Public Safety Test? There is a lot more information on Washington State specific testing in the Washington state forum.


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