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home interview..help!


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  • home interview..help!

    i'm having a home interview done tomorrow for a deputy position. does anyone have any tips? i'm usually really good at interviews but i'm freaking a little cause i live with my parents still and their lifestyle isn't the same as mine. the detective will pick up on that right?? i really would love to get this job.

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    I've had one home interview before. Just be yourself! Shoot, we
    didn't even have our shoes on (yes we wore socks). It's home, they
    want to see what your home life is like.

    If your parents are not what you'd be comfortable, then suggest for
    them to go out. Buy them a dinner date and treat them out. Other
    than that, shoot I don't know what else to suggest other than clean
    the heck out of the home and close doors you don't want them seeing

    Good luck!
    "If there must be trouble, let it be in my day that my child may have peace"
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      Well, how'd it go? Was it what you were expecting?


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        it was different, i had the strangest feeling that she didn't believe anything i told her. and i'd try to explain something and she would re-word ask me if that's right, when it really wasn't 100% what i said then she'd write down on her papers. if i were in an "official" interview i would have told her no that's not right. plus she was 2 hours late. do you think that would fly if it were reversed? i'm usually very confident in interviews but this time was different. hopefully, it will turn out okay tho!


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          my home interview

          I had a home interview just this week. They didn't tell me when they were going to show up there but I had been warned by another friend. They were interviewing all of my roommates and wouldn't let me listen in. During my initial interview though, they were making me really nervous because they were writing down things I said verbatum.


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