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Question regarding LAPD hiring perception of full-time versus part-time work


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  • Question regarding LAPD hiring perception of full-time versus part-time work

    I have been in the LAPD process for nearly two years. I was previously removed from the process in 2011 due to the department's opinion that I did not have sufficient employment experience. I have since earned the requisite work experience by getting a full-time job, and I am now back in the process.

    I'm at a crossroads. My first choice of career is, of course, to become a police officer. However, given that the LAPD is highly selective, I have no guarantee of success. Thus, I have prepared a Plan B, which is to attend graduate school and qualify myself for a career of a more civilian nature. For the academic programs I am interested in , I will need to prepare for and take the GRE examination, which will require more time than I currently have, given my full-time job.

    (NOTE: I am aware that I could take the GRE with minimal preparation while working full-time and earn a mediocre score. However, I aspire to gain admission to highly competitive Master's programs, which require much higher test scores than I could earn by preparing in my off-hours alone.)

    Here's my question: Should I go part-time at my current place of work to free up study time, or will that negatively impact the department's perception of me as an employee?

    Has anyone experienced a similar situation? Any advice would be appreciated.

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    You should visit policebackground.net/Forum

    That is a police background/forum website that is entirely devoted to LAPD. The people on that forum are extremely nice and knowledgeable.


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      Do you really need to go part time to study for the GRE? I find that interesting because there are plenty of guys/gals who while working full time, and taking care of their families, also were able to complete a masters degree etc. It's how bad you want it.


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