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Would a POST certification help me with a probation department?


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  • Would a POST certification help me with a probation department?

    I have my B.S in education and have been working as a teacher in California for the past five years. I was looking to get into probation, but was not selected during the last testing phase this year. I am debating on attending a local police academy in the upcoming months as an open recruit in order to attain my CA POST certificate. I understand the time, money, and commitment I will have to achieve in order to make this happen, but would a POST certification help me during the next testing session (particularly during the B/I portion) for my local probation department in my county? I know I will have to attend the deputy probation officers academy as well, but that is not an issue for me as I welcome the sworn position & just want the opportunity to get hired on.

    I figured having a POST certification would only help me in this regard, as well as allow me to apply for police officer positions as an academy graduate. I value everyones opinion on the matter, thanks guys.

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    Do probation officers attend the POST academy? If not then probably not.

    Now, experience as a peace officer probably would help... but the academy by itself I'd guess not.
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      Probably not. Many probation officers are PC 832 Peace Officers, which means they attend a 40 hour powers of arrest course and a 16 hour firearms familiarization course. Then they receive in house training through POST for whatever additional weapons they carry.

      Having a POST Academy Certificate can be substituted for a PC 832 class, but it's not worth the time.


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        A POST certificate won’t help you on the background.

        The purpose of the background is to confirm your identity, confirm that you possess the minimum requirements necessary for the job and determine if there is anything in your personal history that meet the criteria for disqualification.

        It is pass/fail, there is no scoring of points and five goods do not make up for one bad, It doesn’t matter if possess the Nobel Peace Prize, saved 10 orphans from a burning building, hold five degrees , speak seven languages or were highly decorated and in Special Forces – none of that makes up for the time you sold dope in college but never got caught, or as former one o.com member did – frolicked with his dog and a jar of peanut butter in the privacy of their own home.

        You need to look at why you got cut the last time and address those issues. If you failed the written, you need to get with their recruiter, learn what the written addresses and study. If it was the oral, do a search here of o.com and you will find a lot about what orals usually rate you on. If you got DQed on the background, only you know what is in your background and whether it is going to be a bar to future employment.
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          I just want to be more competitive during the next testing process. My B/I told me my background is very clean (no arrests, never did any drugs, no tickets ect.) it's just I don't have any L/E experience and I am going against a lot of returning military/naval veterans being in San Diego who they feel are better equipped and qualified for probation duty. I was entertaining this idea for an agency to see that I am serious about this career being I put myself through a POST academy. Thank you for the input.


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            I tested a couple times for Probation officer in Cali. I am number 3 and 4 on two lists. I would suggest doing the 832 PC course and the Probation officer CORE course. That would save the county time and money because that is what they have to send you to with in a year of employment.

            Other than that get Corrections experience. Candidates having direct inmate contact experience is a huge plus.


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