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  • Nuclear Office of Secure Transportation

    Thought some of yall might like this. I figured I might give it a go since i'm tired of waiting on HSI and FBI and the last time these guys were hiring I was still AD.

    Mr. Texengland,

    We lifted our 2 year hiring at the beginning of the year. We are holding 2academies this year and plan for 2 more academies next year. We arepresently looking to open the position sometime in the month of August(possibly early Sept). The application process will be accomplishedthrough the wwwusajobsgovwebsite. You will not be able to find anyinformation on usajobs.gov until the position actually opens. When it doesopen, you should be able to access the vacancy announcement doing a keywordsearch for "Nuclear Courier". Given that we have do not know the actualdates the position will post, I recommend going on to usajobs.gov a fewtimes a week beginning late July and doing the keyword search outlinedabove.

    The duty stations for which we will be hiring has yet to be decided, butthere will be a separate vacancy posting for each location available. Themore locations you apply to the better the odds you have in the selectionprocess, but you have to be willing to be stationed at any location youapply to. The best source of information about the Nuclear Courier positioncan be found in the Federal Agent Brochure link on our homepage at thislink:fmt.kcp.com/OSTfederalagent/

    Curtis J. Johnson
    DOE-NNSA-OST Federal Agent Recruiting

    Links are bad becasue my post count is low

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    Tex, any idea what these guys are making? The base pay ain't much, but there has to be a crazy amount of ot since your always on the move.


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      There's already a thread on this - just a FYI


      That link should help you out Byoung. Makes sense to keep everything in one thread if possible IMO.
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        Cool thanks didn't see the other one!


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