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    Good day all

    I posted this in the Washington State forum as well

    It's been a little while since I've postd anything in here, but I am finally getting closer to my move to Washington and need some advice. I am moving there because of my wife being in the Navy. She is getting paid to go to University of Washington for three years and then work at Bremerton Hospital for the next few years. We are tired of renting so we want to buy a house. Since she will have to be within 30 minutes of the hospital, we will have to buy on the Kitsap side. I am also in the process of gaining employment as an LEO in the area. We are having trouble deciding what areas to look at. I was thinking Gig Harbor because it opens up all jobs in Kitsap and Northern Pierce County to me(especially since Pierce County Sheriffs Office is hiring a lot). But it looks like this would make her commute to school a nightmare, and even a commute to NW Bremerton unpleasant as well. The ideal place we are thinking is Poulsbo, as this allows the best commutes for her. The major concern I have is the fact that it shoves us in the corner of the peninsula and may limit where I can apply.
    So, with all that information, here are my questions
    I know many departments have residency requirements for take home cars, but do they generally require all employees to live within X amount of miles or time? Does anyone work for PCSO or other departments in the area that could help me out? I would really appreciate any help on making this difficult decision. I really want to maximize the number of departments I can apply at. I will be in the area in two weeks to test with both PST and NTN, so I can get an idea of the area while I am there, but I would like to have as much knowledge beforehand when meeting with the realtor. Thank you to all of you, everyone here is always very forthcoming with information and really seem to help.
    David S.

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