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  • Follw ups acceptable?

    I just finished interviewing with the first department I ever applied for. It was the 3rd interview which was with the Chief and public safety committee. My background was completed and only needed to get word of a conditional offer after this interview. It was narrowed down to at least 3 (the 3rd guy is deployed). As I left the department the chief told me that he would give me a call in a few days and let me know what they need from me for the last part of the process (physical and psych eval). I felt like that was a good sign.

    They were hiring for 2 and a fellow classmate from the academy got a call the next day. I have yet to hear anything and pretty much figure I didn't get the other spot. Would it be appropriate after a resonable amount of time to give a follow up call or e-mail just to check and get some feedback? I understand with follow ups you only call once and don't be a pest however is this accepted in the Law Enforcement community?

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    Remember no news is good news. How long ago did you interview with the Chief? I would be mailing him a thank you card ASAP stating that you appreciate how he invited you in to interview. Also state that you continue to be interested. Lastly, state something about your strengths and how you could benefit the department because of your (military, education, work experience, community) etc. Whatever your background is, reiterate your strengths. Dont seem desperate though. This could be a deal breaker, so if you send this and you are neck and neck with the other guy, I believe you have a better chance in landing the position. Good Luck.
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    Medical: 3/22/2011
    PT Test: 3/22/2011
    VBT: 3/2011
    Background: 3/2011
    Drug Test: 4/2011
    Referred to TSU: 5/2011
    PT Test 2: TBD
    FLETC: Good Question lol
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    USMS- Region 8
    Info Session 9/2009
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    COE 5/2010
    Medical 5/2010
    Fit/Background 7/2010
    All clear as of 11/2010
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      A thank you card is a great way to both follow up and continue to show your interest.


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