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    So there are a thousand threads regarding background checks. Just thought I'd throw out some things that would come up in my hypothetical background check. Be honest and I'll continue my job search elsewhere. Yeah I wasn't the best teenager, but that was 20ish years ago...

    -"experimented" with marijuana when I was 17. Never bought, sold or dealt any narcotics.
    - Received an unsafe start violation (for peeling out when I was 17)
    - Speeding ticket (8 or 9 mph over the limit) when I was 20
    **This speeding ticket was my last ticket ever received. And that was 1997.

    Inevitably, I grew up, finished college and have had a successful career in aviation, most of it as an airline and corporate pilot, abiding by federal, state, and local laws... undergoing mandatory drug/alcohol checks.... many random.... all passed.

    The one thing that does concern me is a couple of years my wife and I (intentionally) foreclosed on our condo. That put a dent in our credit score. It has steadily climbed back up since. I say intentionally because now the term is "strategic default". In other words, we could pay, but chose not to because our neighbors had a history of domestic violence. We just had our first kid and it was simply an unsafe environment. We felt harassed and threatened.

    Or would the combination of all of the above ruin my chances?
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    You should be fine. You will just have to explain everything. More than 10 times of marihuana use can disqualify you for a lot of place. Being a pilot will make you an extremely competitive candidate for some agencies as well. There are even some federal LEO pilot specific announcements on USAJOBS from time to time.


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      You'll be fine! I do backgrounds from time to time and I've passed people who were way worse than anything you mentioned. Good Luck to you!!


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        I take a very different point of view.

        Based on what you posted here, your home didn’t go into foreclosure because of unforeseen financial difficulties that were beyond your reasonable control. Instead, you were able to make the payments but elected to intentionally default and cause your lender to suffer a significant financial loss solely because you wanted to live in a better neighborhood.

        If you will do that to your lender, how much will it take for you to sell out your fellow officers, or the public you are paid to serve if it will make your life of that of your family better?

        Your conduct in this matter suggests you are lacking the traits of dependability, integrity. honesty, good judgment and good moral character, possession of which are minimum requirements for the job.

        Based on this alone you would be a DQ with my agency.
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          The drug use and driving tickets shouldn't be a problem. Depending on the department/agency, the foreclosure could hurt you because it was so recent and part of your adult financial history. You may have to wait a few years before re-applying if your current applications stall. L-1 is right, though, for some agencies, intentionally walking away from a mortgage could really damage your chances.

          The key thing is to include everything on your SF-86. If you omit anything, you're toast. I'd apply and see what each department/agency says. Some are going to be more receptive than others.


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            While it would not be an auto DQ with my agency.....................you would have a lot of explaining to do and grilled pretty heavily on that point.
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              My view(s) rather closely mirror those of my colleague as noted in his Post #4. Additionally, any agency will be interested in your "experimentation" with marijuana. If that "experimentation" was ten times or less, and given the passage of time, my sense is that it wouldn't emerge as an issue.

              My Agency's issue you would be as expressed in Post#4. I can just about assure you it would result in your being DQ'd. Other agencies might be more forgiving, but I believe you'll encounter many that aren't.


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