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Seeking LE Support and other Non-Sworn Positions


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  • Seeking LE Support and other Non-Sworn Positions

    Hello all, thank you for allowing me to open up on here and ask for the forums' guidance. I'll keep it short and to the point:

    I'm former Army Military Police/K9 – combat exp with and without a Patrol/Explosives dog in Iraq and Afghanistan. In 6 months I will graduate from my local junior college with two A.A.'s (Criminal Justice and Behavioral Science).

    Since November I have been applying to several depts, but haven't been picked up yet. With two kids and a wife, I need to have a job lined up by December. I have narrowed my search to 3 career types, listed below most ideal to least:

    1. Dog Handling (Explosives, Narcotics, Patrol, Aggression, Scouting, etc)
    2. Forensic Technician/CSI Technician
    3. Crime Scene Cleanup

    I'm not asking that any of you do research for me. I only ask that if you are already familiar with a company or agency that has these non-sworn positions (even if not currently hiring) I would appreciate the info. It would be ideal to be in California but not a requirement.

    Min. Pay: $18/hr...2900/mo...35K/yr... I do have mouths to feed

    Thanks so much for your help!

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    Do you have a USAjobs account? I know I have seen K-9 openings with the TSA in the past. If you don't already have that set up I recommend putting some time into creating tailored searches, putting together a good federal resume, and uploading your supporting documents. That way you will be well-equipped to apply to any vacancies as they come around.

    Good luck in your search, hopefully someone with more direct knowledge chimes in.


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      @ saone
      Thank you; yes I have applied to the TSI-EDCH positions as well. I'm in the running for the SFO (Band G) right now. It would be an ideal gig for me, but it's tough to gauge how long the process takes. And with the numbers of applicants they get for those slots I like to have contingency plans in place.


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        SCMPD in georgia has a k9 unit but you have to be on patrol for 2 yrs first. 34500 without a bachaelors 37k with a ba, great k9 unit. A very busy dept with alot of action.
        "The best of the best of the best, sir! With honors." - Jay, MIB


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          1) Almost no one hires K9 handlers directly
          2) Almost no one hires civilain CSI people--they are almost always sworn and experienced officers. All of the civilians I am familiar with who work in a forensic capacity have a minum of a four year degree in bio or chem.
          3) I don't have any idea how these services hire. You will need to do a lot of internet searches on major metro areas.

          You may be able to pick up a civilian contract job as a dog handler in Kuwait or someplace like that. My ex-wife knows an ex-navy dog handler who is working in South Africa. Not ideal but the money would be good.

          The problem with transitioning from the military to the civilian world is that you have to start all over again, pay your dues and prove yourself all over again.

          Good luck.


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            Thanks for everyone who responded. I do understand that there are none (if any) that hire civilian dog handlers, however I am curious to know if some employ or contract with civilian trainers.

            I have done overseas contracting and my misses and chitlens have negated that happening again


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