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    I currently work as a correctional officer at a contracted federal jail. My background check for this position was extensive. Interviewers met personally with all of my references and checked employment and residency ten years back. The common practice for these positions. I have an other than honorable discharge from the military and minor drug abuse in my history. One possession charge and a failed UA in the military for marijuana. I was open and honest about all accounts and I still got this job. US Marshals did the background check.

    I understand some agencies have different policies regarding these things, but for instance if an agency did not specify these things, or did and I meet the guidelines for qualification...could I reasonably expect to actually be considered for employment.

    All dings on my record are from ten plus years ago and my record is squeeky clean aside from them. I also have a bachelor's in CJ.

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    Your "other than honorable" separation will cause you problems.

    The background for the contract jail doesn't use the same criteria that MOST sworn Law Enforcement Agencies use...................................and OTH discharges are usually considered VERY unwanted in LEO circles.
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      Well thanks for your input Iowa, appreciate it.


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