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    Hey guys. This is for anyone that works for Austin PD or has worked for them in the past. I currently work for a department in Metro Atlanta and my family and I are considering moving to the Austin area within the next year. I’m looking for honest opinions on the department (supervision, morale, etc). I’ve read mixed reviews on the Chief, but almost none of them are from officers that work there.

    You can PM me if you would like. I just want an honest opinion before I spend time and money going through their process.

    Thanks in advance.

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    If you haven't already......might want to check out the "Local Discussions Group" forum and click on "Texas". Those are more specific to different state and local agencies. Could be more help to you....Good Luck..


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      RLC, I don't work for APD, but I recently made a move from the southeast to Austin to work for another agency. If I can help with general move info shoot me a PM. I will tell you this, the compensation and retirement at APD looks great. The culture in Austin is .... different. Read up on Cisco the Dog, DUIs, and officer involved shootings in the Statesman to get a glimpse of that.


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        Thanks manstown. You helped me out when I was in the process for the marshals. I lost my old log in info so I had to make a new one which is why I only have one post. The local discussion groups don't get as much traffic so I figured I'd ask here.

        And thanks Trace. I'll pm you.


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          After I posted I took a quick gander over there and saw there wasn't much. Someone may jump on here and help you out with this one......again, good luck.


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            I am not an APD Officer, but am familiar with the department.

            - Great Pay
            - Specialty Units
            - Experienced Officers
            - Location

            - A culture similar to that of a "Feudal Lordship" where seniority reigns over merit, and common sense
            - Academy - You are treated as a child. From people I spoke to, it is worse than any military boot camp, and more similar to military school where it is ran like a fraternity with silly games, as opposed to a professional, yet confrontational environment as you would see in the military.
            - City Council - This is a very liberal city. Expect to have to prove your innocence if you are required to use your weapon.


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              Thanks Fanhood. That pretty much confirms what I've been able to find (pros and cons).


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