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  • Oral Board Bands.

    I had an oral interview for a department. Finally got the results, not good. What are the chances of being called if you finished in band C?

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    It may be very good depending on who you know.

    That’s a strange comment coming from me, Mr. Civil Service, but when departments start banding the test results it means they are gaming the system.

    Normally your written and oral scores are combined and applicants are hired based on the order of their scores. Highest gets picked first, next highest gets picked next, etc. Many agencies also have something called the rule of three that allows them to fill a vacancy talking anyone from the top three scores (1, 2 or 3) to fill a vacancy. Those who are not selected go back on the list and whoever now comprises the top three scores must be considered to fill the next vacancy. This keeps up until the list is exhausted, expires or is thrown out and a new test called for.

    When you start banding, you start playing games with the scores. Instead of making a list in the order of everyone’s score, you decide ahead of time that everyone who scores between a given point, let’s say 100 and 94, will be in Band A, everyone between 93 and 88 will be in Band B, 87 to 82 in Band C, 81 to 76 in Band D and 75 to 70 in Band E. All of a sudden, everyone with a score from 100 to 82 (Bands A, B & C, or 66 2/3 of the people who passed the test) ) comprise the top three scores and are now reachable under the Rule of Three. This just threw merit hiring out the window and allowed them to appoint just about anyone they want based on friendship, politics, race, gender, religion, lodge affiliation, having a neat haircut or a spiffy suit, but not necessarily on proven merit.

    The reality is that when they game the system, they usually know ahead of time who they want. If you are one of the Golden Children, you should already know by now. Nonetheles, be prepared to lobby, suck up, brown nose and cultivate friendships because that may just help if one of their friends drops out.
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      Damn. Thanks, L. I wished they combined written and oral. I was at the top on the written. I'll have to try somewhere else. Thanks again.


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