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  • OPM and Special Hiring Authorities

    I know there are a ton of special hiring authorites which grant individuals with non-competitive hiring status. I know of a program I qualify for that upon completion of it I will have 120 days of non-competitive hiring status. My question is, are agencies required to put out a job announcement if they hire someone using a special hiring authority. I know a vet who is trying to get hired via VRA and he says agencies don't need to put out a job announcement, he could simply call an office and go from there. I was also a former SCEP and knew that when I completed my program I could be hired anywhere without a job announcement.

    So does the process of not needing a job announcement apply to all non-competitive/special hiring authorities?

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    Every job that I know of in the competitive service is advertised-be it on USAJobs or on the agencies site. Excepted service agencies sometimes do things a little differently but typically advertise on their respective sites or through places like Aveue.
    Originally posted by SSD
    It has long been the tradition on this forum and as well as professionally not to second guess or Monday morning QB the officer's who were actually on-scene and had to make the decision. That being said, I don't think that your discussion will go very far on this board.
    Originally posted by Iowa #1603
    And now you are arguing about not arguing..................


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      I can't speak to all the different hiring authorities, but in smaller OIG types, I've seen several people that were auditor/accountant types picked up for 1811 slots through VRA appointments. As far as I know these require no job posting as long as qualifications are met. I applied for a competitive service slot, then after I interviewed was hired with a VRA appointment. All I had to do was send in a request to HR with another resume to be reviewed. I could be wrong, but I think as long as resumes and qualifications are approved, no posting is required at all.


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        The Grizz,

        Do you have PM for messages on?
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          Just changed it, should be able to send now.


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            I know a vet who is trying to get hired via VRA and he says agencies don't need to put out a job announcement, he could simply call an office and go from there.
            Yes and no. The agency has to have 1) an empty slot and 2) the funding to fill it. And if both of those criteria are met, there will almost always be a vacancy announcement.

            Otherwise, the "just call an office and go from there" isn't going to happen. If it did, every agency would be bursting at the seams with new employees/former vets, but nothing for them to do (not to mention no money to pay them).
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