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  • Career/Life Advice for Student

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    Take a look at www(dot) specialagent(dot)blog(dot)com

    It has a ton of information on the various agencies and the things you can do to make yourself competitive.


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      For people who get commissioned in the military through convential means, the degree type doesn't matter. OCS may be more picky but I think your language skills should help. Failing that, you could always enlist and shoot for OCS or a warrant later (the enlisted experience and he degree would help increase your chances). That said, military training is no cake walk and I advise against military service for folks who are simply looking to build their resume.

      I think some of the federal agencies would find you language skills desireable as well.


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        Thank you for the replies, I really appreciate it.

        Does anyone else have any other suggestions or further advice?


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          Start applying to federal agencies that are currently hiring. Seeing as you are proficient in Spanish, maybe you should consider applying to the US Border Patrol. They are currently hiring on usajobs (DOT) gov. This can get the ball rolling with time in the federal service, and you may end up loving the job.

          Usajobs (DOT) gov is a great website to use. Search for intelligence related positions and start applying!


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              Just google "USAjobs".


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                Local LE and Federal LE are substantially different animals... there are some perceptions and misconceptions about what is more desirable or easier to land and these opinions and realities vary vastly from agency to agency and around the country.

                I guess the question is... what do you WANT to do? (In terms of job FUNCTION, not job title). Do you want to be out responding to things unfolding? Do you want to do long term complex investigations? Do you want to do something specific - cybercrime, counterterrorism, homicide? When I graduated college I was SURE I wanted to be a fed and handle investigations. I went to work for a local PD. Now that I am a fed.... I realize how much fun I had as a local officer. Being an officer, a detective, and an agent can vary significantly and that progression (in terms of knowledge, skill and abilities) isn't always in the direction you might think (your reference to a "higher federal agency" implies that federal law enforcement is always a move "up"). Each job and each agency have their niches, perks, and downsides.

                If you're just genuinely interested in starting any career in LE... apply for everything you qualify for. Your language skills will be a welcome addition to most places. Local agencies generally have lower minimum requirements in terms of education and experience, but can sometimes be more discerning regarding suitability. If you want to go the federal route..... do your research on agencies, use this forum to find and talk to people who work those assignments or have experience working with them.


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                  Your going to need very specific skill sets or vet points. Better yet, both.


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