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    Check out a Federal retiree who retired under CSRS. I know CSRS retirees at almost 80%. Basically, that's why they scrapped the CSRS retirement. Too costly. Also, plenty of state and local at retiring at 60%.


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      Originally posted by Bearcat357 View Post
      Ummm.....have you ever checked out some retirement programs in California...? There is a reason a lot of CA LEO's don't go Fed......
      Originally posted by irishlad2nv View Post
      Huh? 37% is not that great. Whatever your base pay is now, check out what you would be brining home with that 37%.

      There are many reasons why most don't go Fed and many reason why Feds leave and go back to local, even if it's a drop in pay, sometime it's better retirement, even with the TSP crap.
      Sorry, next time I'll put a [/sarcasm] tag at the end of my posts.


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        No doubt, CSRS was great but most dont know that CSRS retirees do NOT get social security (nor did they pay into it while employed) its your pension and thats it.

        FERS is a 3 point system (mentioned by an earlier poster) and really isnt that bad at all if you plan. Its pension (25 years for most covered LEOs = 39%, plus you get a social security suppliment before you turn 62 (then regular SS), and then your TSP, for which the govt matches contributions up to a certain %). Not to mention the longer you stay on until mandatory the higher your pension will be. Is it as good as some as the state pensions? No, but it blows away most 401k only private sector jobs.

        Also not all LE positions have LE retirement coverage. Examples: FBI police and VA police are law enforcement jobs, but are under standard 30 year/62 years of age FERS retirement.
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          Originally posted by DaShwstoppahbk View Post

          Also with the FBI, they do start at a GS10 but I'm almost 100% their top out bfore promotion is a GS13 though I could be wrong.
          FBI tops at GS-13 for non supervisory agents.


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