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    Originally posted by Interdiction View Post
    As you can see I spelled it incorrectly once, it was obviously a mistake. Taking it way to seriously there.
    If you ever make it to the oral hiring board, be sure to tell them that they should not take your answers very seriously. They will love you.


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      Remember that many of the reports to be filled are public and can be viewed by civilians including the media, you should always take care with grammar, many of us are LEO and try to have good grammar and practice, do not dismiss the help of an officer , are good advice and that advice perhaps, helps you in the future.

      As a note, excuse my English, not the best but I try every day to improve it.
      Maryland State Police:
      Written: Nov/2012-Passed
      Poly: Nov/2012 - Passed
      FAT: Re-Test
      Oral: 01/28/13- Passed
      Phys: 01/30/13- Passed
      Med: 01/29/13- Passed
      BI: 01/28/13- Pending
      Process: Stopped

      PA State Police:
      Written: 5/18/13-Passed
      Oral: 09/2013- ???

      Border Patrol South Texas:
      Written: 12/2011-Passed
      FIT 1: 02/04/2013 -Passed
      Oral: 03/2013 – Passed
      Med: 05/2013 – Passed
      Qual: GL-7- 06/2013
      BI: 06/2013 – Waiting
      Poly: 02/07/2014-JFK
      Drug Test: ???
      FAT 2: ???


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        I agree 100% that a person going into law enforcement should have tremendous attention to detail. Specially, in the post title when writing the name of the agency he/she is applying for, after taking the time to attend a 4.5 hour test.

        However, I do think that he or she gets the picture ,and believe it was an honest mistake. We all make them, lesson learned.

        To Interdiction: Get used to coworkers and supervisors pointing out little mistakes. Even the tiniest ones make a huge difference in LE.
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        Application Date: 09/11/2011
        Examination Date: 11/18/2011
        NOR: 11/29/2011 (95)
        TSL: 04/05/2012
        PFT1: 05/07/2012 Pass
        Med: 05/14/2012 Pass
        SI: 05/29/2012 Pass
        EQIP Updated: 07/17/2012
        BI: Clear
        PFT2: ?


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