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    Greetings everyone,

    I am looking for some advice, particularly from anyone who has been or is involved with background/recruiting. Here is my situation: I have seven years on the job for a local agency (small to medium sized, around 200 sworn). For the past couple of years I have been working for a supervisor that does not seem to care for me very much, which is a bit of an understatement. He has done everything he can to make my life hell throughout the past two years up to and including writing me up for petty things (several times) and trashing me in my past two evaluations. I have not received any serious discipline in this time, but I have gotten several "letters of instruction and caution" during the time. As far as my evaluations go, the last one I got before this supervisor was a 90%, my last two have been just under 80%.

    Unfortunately, due to the size and politics of my agency I have not been able to move out from underneath him and have had to grin and bear it. Recently I have come to the conclusion that I am not happy with this agency and I have been looking at other agencies. I have not had any luck applying as a lateral with the first few that I have applied for, most likely I assume because of my recent evaluation scores being low. I also am currently registered to take the civil service exam for a large agency next month out of state, but at this point I am so discouraged that I feel like spending the money to fly out there and take the test will be a waste of time.

    So my question is, where should I turn? Should I even bother to spend the money to fly out and take this test I am scheduled for? At this point I feel like my chances of getting hired as a lateral are pretty slim because of the issues I have with my current agency. If I start applying as a "new hire" will it make any difference at all?

    I know I have been pretty vague about my disciplinary issues, and I apologize for that. If anyone has some good advice for me and needs to know what those issues are feel free to PM me and I will share, I just don't want to post those specific things here on a public forum.

    Thanks in advance.

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    You write well. Perhaps you can use that ability as part of an anticipatory image restoration strategy. Maybe you could write a "to whom it may concern" memo-style letter of recommendation from the boss who apparently doesn't favor your advancement and ask him to sign off on the letter, with your assurance that it would be used only for lateral aspirations (not for your current department).
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      My problem with writing a letter like that is pretty simple. It seems to me that agencies are not really hiring a lot of people right now and there is an abundance of applicants. Truth be told, if a BI were to take the time and look at my stuff they would realize pretty quickly that the stuff is petty, but why should they? They have plenty of other applicants that don't have those issues that they can turn to.

      Anyone else have any suggestions? Or is there anyone with experience in background/recruiting that would be willing to let me pick their brains about some stuff?


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        Many members here have much more knowledge regarding matters of Police administration than I have. Perhaps you could look around on the Hiring and Recruitment forum and see whom you might want to contact with more detailed information. I could provide some suggestions.


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          Do you have a union where you work? If he is unjustly targeting you while ignoring others who commit the same violations? If so I would file a grievance or consult an employment attorney regarding hostile work environment conditions. Without knowing what he is writing you up for we can only speculate. With an agency your size do you deal with him on a daily basis, or is it just at roll call and specific assignments?

          I personally would not let one individual within my agency dictate a career change for me. They win if that is the case. About the testing, if that is what you truly want than go and test. Nobody here can tell you if "it is worth it" or if it will be a waste of time. A lot of your answers your searching for are going to come from within yourself. It is natural to look for reassurance, but a grab a beverage of your choice and be honest with yourself, and really really think this over. Especially in today's economy.
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            We do have a union here, but it is not a particularly strong one. I have spoken to a couple of attorneys but I have not gotten anywhere with them, I don't know if I am just not talking to the right ones or not, I don't think either of them were "employment attorneys" perhaps I should look into that. I know that my original post was pretty vague about what has gone on, quite frankly if I were to start getting into details the post would have been pages long and I am not fond of publishing my life's story on a public forum, not to mention I am a little fearful that someone from my agency would read it and figure out that it's me.

            As for why I am looking to leave, naturally it is not as simple as this one guy has been giving me hell and I want out. I have other considerations, my wife hates the state we live in, while I don't hate it I am not particularly found of it either. The agency itself has been going down hill the past few years also, we are being hounded by the ACLU (the entire department was recently served with an injunction barring every officer from even TALKING to anyone holding a sign and panhandling), our city commission doesn't back us, and we have a new chief that is a joke.

            My point for asking "is it worth it" to leave was more aimed towards someone that can give me insight into the background investigating process. I am realistic, I know that my evals and such from my current agency don't look good. I also realize that if a BI were to take the time and look at my stuff they would realize pretty quick that most of it is BS. Now this is just my opinion, but: I feel like there are so few jobs out there and so many applicants that a BI would not even bother taking the time to read through my stuff when they have a ton of other eligible applicants that don't have the baggage. I may be wrong in assuming this, which is why I posed the question. I am not looking for an excuse to give up, I am looking for a reason to keep at it. BUT I don't want to waste my time and money on something that is hopeless if it really is a lost cause.
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