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  • Union Pacific Police

    Does anyone know anything about the railroad police? Pay? Hours?

    I read bad things about Union Pacific as far as with engineers etc, but not much information about their special agents. Any advice or input would be appreciated.

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    Pay is very good to start. About 72k. As far as train service goes, management has a very adversarial relationship with the rank and file. It will amaze you,The attitudes and ignorance that is tolerated with low level managers.
    The protection division is a different animal. Most U.P. cops seem satisfied. Good equipment, decent benefits. Railroad retirement makes you work until age 60 with 30 years, or to max Social Security age if you are unable to get 30 years in.
    Remember, this is first and foremost a position that is for corporate protection, most areas do work with local police. They are often spread ridiculously thin, like one per state in non yard/terminal areas. Good luck.


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      Originally posted by Wentwest View Post
      They are often spread ridiculously thin, like one per state in non yard/terminal areas.
      This is true unless you are assigned to one of the hub inter-modal yards (I was in Chicago) and they will have several special agents. They do generally interact and work well with the local police. As Wentwest stated, the pay, equipment and retirement are good. I have to add, I have never worked with a more professional and cream-of-the-crop group of officers.

      I left because I prefer dealing with the human aspect; 95% of your work is dealing with property crimes. You investigate burglaries / thefts and claims against the company. If a chunk of ballast falls from an overhead and breaks a car windshield, the paperwork (and lawsuits) begin.

      If you want to deal with people on a daily basis, this may not be the best choice. If you want to play ninja and use some really high-end night vision and stake out a mile long train for six hours to catch some chump stealing a box of bar-b-que grills, you will love it.

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        Are they hiring?


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          They did have a few openings. I think they are mostly closed now, except for one in Indio, CA.


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            As posted before.... I know 6-7 RR LEOs and all of them started out working for RR on other jobs and were able to go thru the Union to get their current positions..... Just sayin....


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