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Petition to prevent pay cut to Border Patrol


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    Originally posted by GreenLine View Post
    Thanks for the clarification. I would never support cuts to AUO or LEAP, but cuts to traditional "overtime" are really not "pay cuts" in the sense of the OP's original request. When I saw "40% pay cut" I was thinking reduction in GS grade or something as drastic.

    OT is a bonus above and beyond pay and it almost always (in the federal government) depends on how much an agency has budgeted for it. If the money isn't in the budget, I'm not sure signing a petition will cause anyone to put it in there.

    I don't get AUO - I get LEAP. But aren't they each supposed to give you XX% of base pay? If that's the case, 25% of a base pay of 100 is 25. 25% of the total (125) is another number entirely.
    I certainly do not support this cut of the Border Patrol's AUO. However, as you know AUO stands for administratively uncontrollable overtime. It is overtime. While there are many variations, it is at it's basic, compensation for working more than 40 hours per week. The Border Patrol unfortunately is looking at a hard sell to the average citizen. The government is telling the agent, we can't afford to pay the overtime, we will compensate you for your 40 hours but there is nothing left for overtime. To the average citizen in the private sector, many that have had the same thing happen or worst laid off entirely just are not going to have the sympathy that the BP agents are looking for.

    It is very much a mindset kind of thing. That 25% AUO has been present in almost every BP agents check for years. So long in fact, that the agents have come to think of it as part of the base pay when it is not. A CBPO for example does not see it the same way. The CBPO has to have that overtime assigned to them each and every time an overtime assignment is worked. They may sign up for it but it still has to be assigned to them by management. It is not an automatic thing like AUO in the Patrol is.

    Some CBPO's know and understand what the BP Agent is up against now. However, that CBPO would have to have been on the job for a while and been from a legacy agency. When DHS was formed and the merge happened most Immigration Inspectors found themselves in a very similar situation. Most worked 6 days a week. Sunday was always considered your regularly scheduled day off by statute. Obviously the ports have to be open so Sunday was overtime (double time at that old 31 act). That all went away when the agency started using the Customs pay model. The CBPO's lost their equivalent to AUO back in March 2003 and most CBPO's don't even realize it.



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      Originally posted by CFE_Detective View Post
      Yes, it is Obama's fault. He and his White House created this abomination called sequestration. If you remember, Obama stated he would not sign any bill that did away with sequestration. Now he has his manufactured crisis and is trying to portray the Republicans as the bad people. It is all very contrived and being spoon fed to low information voters who think Obama is Santa Claus - more free "stuff" on the way!

      So jeffIL, is this Bush's fault? You do realize that Obama has racked up more debt in four (4) years than Bush did in eight (8). Obama is an idealogue who is hell bent on forever changing the United States of America into socialist/welfare state a la Europe.
      Sequestration was a product of the GOP dating from July 2011. It was part of the deal to raise the debt ceiling. It's congress' responsibility to create and pass budgets. And the so called debt Obama racked up was partly from a ballooned $525 billion DoD budget, two wars, two bailouts one which wasnt his. GOP passed every huge budget for Bush, but now they are fiscal hawks. Debt is at $16 trillion. When Obama too office debt was at $10.5 trillion. You do the math on your missinformed comment above. If there were no wars, bailouts because if lack of oversight, and huge government expansion there would of been no recession. So Bush and congress has to take some blame on this too. If the GOP was in control BP would still be in the chopping block.


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