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specialized police units.


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    You are asking for a lot of info....your best bet is to pick a couple departments, i.e. LAPD, Baltimore PD, etc...then find out what specialized units they have, because every department is different.

    What I recommend is applying to every department you see that is hiring, it will probably take you between 1-5 years to finally get an L.E. job somewhere, with this job climate.

    And like others have said here, while you have a good background, you will still need to go through the motions just like everyone else and work patrol for at least 2-3 years before anything else.


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      I'm confused. Are you looking for a police job or a mercenary job? If it is a police job you are interested in, you simply need to worry about getting hired and putting your time in as a low-life, every day, common patrol officer. Check your big head at the door or someone like me will make sure you never make it out of FTO.


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        I am guessing that you are getting the jist of it by now that most people on the board are not fond of those who come on here looking for the easy way or the short way to a position. As a Marine, you should know that nothing that is good comes easy.

        With that being said, when I first started my journey to become LEO I thought my background would give me a leg up almost as if what I had accomplished in the military gave me some sort of entitlement. Fast forward a few years and here I am still attempting to get a position, I ended having to go back to school to get my BA to supplement my experience and once I did that I started getting some traction.

        There are alot of highly qualified individuals out there and you have to be able to beat all of them out for the most basic position, once you are on you can try to get into the special units a few years down the road.


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          FBI HRT is your best bet based on what you are looking for. With that, you will have to be an FBI Agent for 2 years first.

          USMS is a possibility as well, but you just missed the application window.

          For what it is worth, when I got out of the military, I literally thought that I would just start applying to agencies every month, and I would eventually get hired. I had no concept of Vacancy Announcements, budgets, etc. Here I am 3 to 4 years later, still chasing my dream. Start researching yourself, think about what other jobs you may want as well on the civilian side. I would also consider going Reserve to ease your transition.



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            Hey, so a few people are ripping on you here, which at first reading your initial post, i see why, but then I read your next post saying you were a little too direct, you were right. I can tell you that life is hard out here in the "real world" as far as these jobs go. I have learned quick that even though it said "Special Forces" on my tab on my shoulder, out here your just another applicant. It became really apparent when I went to take the PAT and they were yelling at us like Basic all over again. Very...humbling experience i guess is the best way to put it?

            As far as Federal. College, and no not Everest college, they want it from a 4 year accredited college. Which thank god I am almost done with. Once I graduate I plan on applying anywhere and everywhere I can, but like I said before, we are not that "special". On that note an FBI agent came and talked at our school about experience and such, and specifically said that Special Operations Soldiers will defiantly have a leg up on the competition. So that was kind of nice to hear, but good luck to you and remember that your days of getting yelled at are still not over....as long as I don't have to roll on the ground naked getting hosed with cold water, I don't care though If you want anymore info from me just PM me or do what I do and lurk the forums like a mofo!


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              [QUOTE=MSOB1;322568 A less conventional, higher tactically based, small team tactics unit: is what i'm interested in.[/QUOTE]

              Hmmmmmm so it sounds like you want to be force recon then. My advice is stick with the marines until jack Bauer posts a vacancy at the CTU.


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                Specialized Police Units

                I think that we have just about beaten this thread to death and I suspect the original poster has picked up some information from the responses. At the risk of being redundant and perhaps pointing out the obvious, I wanted to mention a couple of things.

                -Most SWAT teams aren't full time

                -Most police work doesn't involve a SWAT team

                In fact, quite a bit of police work is report writing. How are your report writing skills? I didn't see any reference to your education. Do you have an AS, a BS, or an MS degree? Granted, many agencies don't require a degree, but many do. Also, even though an agency may not require it, those with a degree might have an edge over those that don't.

                I have seen people here, and in other forums, make reference to three things that can help people get selected over others. They are, in no particular order:

                -College degree

                -Police experience

                -Military experience

                When I came on, over thirty years ago, military experience was sort of a neutral in my area. It neither helped nor hurt. Well, let me clarify that a bit further. It was neutral if your military obligation was completed! Personally, I was very close to joing a Minnesota National Guard MP Unit years ago. Another copper who was in that MP Company talked me out of it. Basically, he said that although the law requires employees to be in the guard or reserve, some will resent having to schedule around your two weeks every year and your weekends each month. Now, however, there are many more applicants than there are positions. That was the case when I started, but it is worse now.

                Frankly, at least here in Minnesota, we have many potential officers/deputes/troopers/agents that have two year degrees, many with four year degrees, and even some with graduate degrees. Unfortunately for them, they often don't have much real world experience. That is where military experience helps for many people. Clearly, if you have been in the military, you have some real world experience.

                Many people around here, after completing their two or four year degree, are eligible to be licensed by the Minnesota POST Board. Many get some sort of non-sworn experience. It might be working at the county jail as a correctional deputy. It could be a job as a Community Service Officer for a city.

                One of the inherent risks that you may have coming to civilian police work after your military experience might be boredom. I have already mentioned that is not all "running and gunning". You will get sent to calls that seem like a ridiculous wate of time and resources. Many of them are, but that is the naure of cop work. You will go to domestics disputes, car crashes, burlaries, etc, and ALL will require a report, but most won't require ANY running and gunning. In fact, at least from my perspective an awful lot of calls are domestic related. It might be a straight up "knowck down/drag out", but often it is a call about visitation by the "baby daddy" and then they want a report to show the judge non-custodial parent was in violation, etc.

                Considering your experience, I would give long, hard thought on what you really want to do. There are some great opportunities to make a lot of money as a civilian contractor, but I am sure that you are already well aware of those positions.

                If you do decide to leave the USMC, then make the most out of what the GI Bill offers nowadays. Get into college, get a degree or two, and apply like crazy for federal jobs. Granted, being a VA Police Officer will NOT be all "running and gunnning", but you will get a salary, benefits, and have your foot in the federal door. Continue college while working as a fed and then, if you decide to go local, give it your best shot. That way you will have:

                -Military experience

                -A college degree

                -Police experience

                Those three things are bound to put you high on many lists.
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                  As stated previously don't stake claim the SoF as operator if you aren't. Most former SoF don't ever really mention it, unless specifically asked. Very few full time teams and all start as officers/agents first. Fewer FED full time teams. HRT, USBP BORTAC (there are smaller teams within sectors, some full time, some collateral the main team ELP is full). ATF SRT, HSI SRT, are collateral. USMS SOG is collateral also. DEA FAST is full time, but again you have work as an Agent first.

                  Some large city PDs have full time SWAT but you need to do your time in the trenches first.
                  ...and is commended as being worthy of trust and confidence


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                    USBP BORTAC. You can test for their Academy after a couple of years. You have to run on water backwards after not sleeping for 6 weeks to get through their training. And then.. maybe if they think you will be a good fit for their team. And you can't find out about anything they do because they don't say one word about any of it. Its full time all the time worldwide.

                    But before that you will have get through the basic academy and the FTU and put up with worlds of BS from everybody on the job all while saying YES SIR to become a PA. Sit on prisoners that smell like dog crap all night long in the ER and thousands of other crappy things. If you get hired by the USBP you will not be mister super operator. You will just be the new guy eating crap and thanking everybody for it. That goes for any job in Law Enforcement. You will be starting at the bottom and nobody is going to care about anything you have done in the past. That is the reality of starting over again if you want to be a LEO. Some guys can't hack starting over again in specialized units within LE. They have gone to far and did too much to want to put up with the crap that comes when starting over again. Quite a few guys I work with were in NSW and one guy in my basic academy class was a 20 year retired green beret. Most of those guys did not want anything to do with getting yelled at in another academy after our basic academy. But one did and took to it like a fish to water. Good Luck


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                      FBI's HRT team is a full time team and they have SWAT teams at different offices, some are full time others are not. ICE/HSI only has part time teams. I think ATF SRT is a full time gig because they have regional teams and from what I hear, they are highly active and spend the vast marjority of each year on the road.

                      Diplomatic Securty Service is very vet friendly and they send their guys through a lot of different high security trainings and they use most weapons in the US military arsenal. Plus you will find yourself working in very hostile environments.


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