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Baltimore or Ocean City


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  • Baltimore or Ocean City

    Honored LEO's and fellow LEO hopefuls,

    I have to go for either Baltimore PD or Ocean City Seasonal PD as an entry level with next to no experience. Which, in your opinion is better?

    Im obviously looking for a full time career as an officer. What would the honored experienced members of this forum recommend.

    Things that are important to me:
    Opportunities for advancement
    Solid training
    A sense of brotherhood on the force
    Overall reputations of the departments in question

    I am asking because ultimately I wish to go into federal service.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    IMO, I would go for Baltimore for several reasons:

    1. Full-time
    2. Baltimore is a huge department with decent training and a lot of room for advancement
    3. Higher Salary
    4. Ocean City is seasonal, so the brotherhood may not be there for someone they may consider a part-timer .
    5. The experience you will get in 3 years as Baltimore PD is like 10 years with Ocean City.

    Just my two cents, good luck.


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      The experience you get in the first couple years in Baltimore, you'll never get in OC. Because it's bigger means you'll have more opportunities for advancement and assignment choices. Seasonal Officers in OC aren't given a full-time spot automatically. OC is a good department, but if you want to get a variety of work.....B-more will be your best bet out of the two.


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        I concur with manstown. Although OC might get crazy in the summers, and you'll no doubt get your share of drunks to wrestle, Baltimore would just offer you so much more in terms of experience and opportunities. Not to mention the chance to pick up some OT working the Orioles or Ravens games. I can think of worse OT assignments than working security at a major sporting event. And since your goal is fed leo, you'll have more opportunities to network with feds working out of Baltimore than you would in OC. And I'm partial to Baltimore because its such a cool and fun city. But yeah, they work their butts off. There's no shortage of crime there.


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          Definitely go with BPD. You will get far more experience than most places in the country. OC would be fun during the summer however, you will be an outsider. Go to the city and give it a solid three years, if you still want to go Fed you will have the resume to set you apart. You may love being a city cop though and make a career their. If that happens you will have more than ample chances to move up if you keep your nose clean. I would apply to both just so you don't put all your eggs in one basket.


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            Go with Baltimore PD. That place will really teach you how to be a cop.
            New York City Department of Correction and US Army. 🇺🇸


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              Go with Baltimore, the training and experience you get at a large dept. is priceless


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                Originally posted by joseam53 View Post
                Go with Baltimore PD. That place will really teach you how to be a cop.
                Listen to this guy he knows what being a cop is all about.


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                  Hit me via PM if you have any specific questions.


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                    Oh I'm sorry...did both of these departments offer you a job?

                    If not.....apply everywhere. You likely arent in a spot to pick where you work. It's a highly competive job market.

                    If you are serious about law enforcement apply everywhere that will accept and application.

                    With that said...Baltimore City and Ocean City are worlds apart.


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