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    Hello, I am a US Marine infantry/0311. I am getting out of the Corp within 3 months and I am looking for a job/career with local (jacksonville fl area) or state police agencies. I have always been interested in Wildlife police services but I am willing to relocate. I am not LEO certified but I have my G.I bill which I could use. Does anybody know of any contacts or opening around the northern Florida/south Georgia area? Or at least point me in a good direction. Thankyou

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    I hate to tell you this but be prepared for a long, drawn out process.

    Law enforcement agencies are budgeted for a specific amount of people. This means they only have funds to hire someone when another person vacates a position through retirement, promotion, resignation, termination, etc.

    Most civil service agencies hire via a written and oral exam process that measures your actual ability to perform the duties of the position of the job you are seeking. Each department usually holds tests for a given job class every couple of years and a list is created from successful test takers. Positions are filled based on your combined test scores with highest score usually picked up first, next highest score picked up next, etc.

    This can be a lengthy process that may take anywhere up to two years from the time you put in your application to the time you are hired, assuming you score high enough to even make the list. Competition for law enforcement jobs is fierce, and the only significant advantage your military service will give you is to add veteran’s points to your final score.

    Start looking and applying now and don’t limit yourself to just one agency.

    You can find some Florida police jobs listed here http://www.fpca.com/index.php?option...obs&Itemid=115 although I don’t know how current they are. You can also try http://careercenter.discoverpolicing...m?site_id=6207

    Another easy way is to just do an internet search using the keywords “police jobs” along with the name of the state you want to work in.

    Best of luck.
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      Here you go, best LE gig in Maryland...pay is only issue



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