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    Hi all, I am pretty new to the forum, I made this account a long time ago but haven't gotten around to posting much.

    I am hoping to get a job as a police officer in the future. I am 19 now and I have been working for Cal Fire for about 4 months, I am EMT certified and all that. I was an explorer for 4 years from age 14 to 18 and I made captain of my post.
    Well when I was younger I met a girl and we were pretty close and she was into this cutting BS, where you cut yourself to like, let out emotional pain, well she kinda got me into it, I wasn't really in any emotional pain but it was more of just to get her to like me more if I did it too. Probably the stupidest decision of my entire life. I have a few scars on my left arm from a couple of times where I cut myself, I did it twice over a period of 2 days.
    I figured this could be a problem with becoming a police officer when I was around 15 years old, so I made sure that I did nothing at all to possibly ruin my chances of becoming a cop, I have gotten my job at Cal Fire so that in the future it will look good on a police resume, I am going to college right now, majoring in Business Management and I might do 4 years but I am for sure going to do the 2 years.

    I regret doing this so much, it makes me look like a crazy person, and it makes me feel that way too, no one knows that I have done this and I am the last person you would think to do this. I would be totally fine with getting a psych evaluation because I am mentally stable, I have been through alot worse stuff since I was 13 and made my mistake and did just fine and never thought of coming. I have responded in just my 4 months on the job to some pretty nasty scenes, in my area we respond to car accidents and some of them have been pretty horrible, and I have been absolutely fine without cutting myself and I have never thought of it or wanted to.
    I asked an officer at my local sheriffs office while on a ride along the types of questions they ask during the interviews for the job, and he looked at me and said "What ever you did, just be honest and straight forward with them about it, we all make mistakes and they understand that"
    What do you guys think? Sorry for the novel, lol, I just really need some info because I have been stressing on this a bit lately and I thought here would be the best place to ask, thanks guys!

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    Answer them honestly if they ask, otherwise keep it to yourself. Common sense. Also, you will get more feedback if you post this in the ASK A COP section. Good luck to you.

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      Well the problem is, they are pretty noticable, I cant imagine that during the physicals they would go un noticed. I have started using scar creams that are working well but I am not going to lie.


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