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Questions about Career Path/Education....please help!


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  • Questions about Career Path/Education....please help!

    My name is Matt Bowers. I'm 19, currently waiting to enlist in the Army Reserve to be trained in Human Intelligence. I am attending community college, and the military is in the process of giving me a Top Secret/SCI clearance(takes a VERY long time). I plan to further my education while on the active reserve/before I join if at all possible. I have career goals to work in national security, counter-intelligence, human intelligence, and federal/local law enforcement. I live in Lee's Summit, MO, and grew up in Lee's Summit. I am VERY interested in sworn employment, and plan on applying after all of my training. (About 1.5 years, at which time I will be 21). Is this a realistic idea? If not, is there anything I can do now to prepare myself or better my chances?

    Also, the community college I attend has an Associate in Applied Science(AAS) program in Police Science, where you are directly trained to be a police officer. Right now I am on track to get my 30 general education credits done, and in the fall, begin the 36 law enforcement credit hours/police academy done.
    I was wondering, if I plan on transferring to a university and/or finishing my bachelors degree after 2-4 years of law enforcement, should I just get the Associate in Arts? Would the AAS degree help me find employment more so than the general AA degree? Sorry for the long post, thanks for any info.

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    A technical degree, can never hurt u. Engineering,business, computer science etc. don't do criminal justice, but do take some CJ classes.


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      My human intelligence advice is to get a screen name that is not your real name.

      An associates degree is an associates degree. If you want to work for the government, plan on at least finishing a BA/BS degree.


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        ^ This, the next big push appears to be in information security or IT related computer stuff.
        It really depends on who you want to work for but generally a computer IT related field seems like a safe bet right now. At any rate, do yourself a favor and find something specialized (accounting,IT,etc) that you like and go for it. I was an idiot, I have always been extremely computer savvy but I don't really enjoy IT stuff (a product of fixing all my friends/families computers for years). I'll have a Masters in criminal justice in a few months and I have been job hunting for a year and half now. I keep seeing all these IT related law enforcement gigs ( in addition to pathways & internships) being posted in the federal sector and consequently I'm moving towards a digital forensics grad certificate after I finish my masters. I could have saved myself a lot of aggravation and went IT to begin with...

        Likewise, on my way to a bachelors degree I should of did a self sponsor academy for the certificate and 30 some transfer credits.
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          yea bro, stop with all that CJ and poly-sci stuff. it's not even need for the jobs you are looking for. you need a BA/BS degree as someone else mentioned.

          better off getting IT, accounting/finance, law, science, engineering, etc. those degrees will serve you well regardless of what you decided to do.


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            Also front put all that info up on here . It's a little to much just protecting you espically since I have a higher clearance then that they will even look at this thread now that you put your full name


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              Most of the replies seem to be pointing you for a career or a direction for Federal employment. As a local LEO and Recruiter/Investigator I can tell you ... you are on the right track!

              I do highly recommend the following; no matter how much education and training you obtain ... make good decisions throughout your personal, educational and professional life. More dreams are sunk because of one stupid mistake while the applicant was in their college years.


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                In my opinion, do both. Many colleges offer dual majors. Or pick up a minor in CJ and do the Police Academy). If you really want to stand out, start taking both IT Classes and CJ classes at the same time. Complete your Police Academy, and continue to finish your IT Classes. In order to keep up with graduating on time, take both summer and winter term courses (if you can afford it). You'll then have a solid background when you graduate with a specialized degree, military experience, and law enforcement training.

                There are many paths you can take. Majority of people in the law enforcement field do not have identical resumes. Take offers and training as they come and as you see worth-while, and then just go with it. Like others on this thread said, it all depends on who you want to work for and what you want to do. Check out those agency's hiring requirements for particular jobs, and then do your own research on where/how you can obtain that experience that is needed. Good luck.
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                  im currently in the Marine Corps as an infantryman (0341), im active duty and have a Bachelors degree in criminal justice, what are my chances of being hired as a police officer, where should i apply, Etc......
                  officially sworn into the Us Marine Corps, going in with an 03 contract leave for bootcamp on January 9th


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