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why is the nypd corrections holding so many tests?


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  • why is the nypd corrections holding so many tests?

    Do they really need so many more officers? I heard they are doing almost everyday walk in exams until June. I jusy find it weird because police tests are normally every couple years

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    I don't know much about NYC, but I do know corrections having worked at 2 prisons and a county jail in the past. Simply put, turnover in corrections is much higher. The job is thankless and stressful and often times doesn't share the pay and benefits of police jobs. Even if the pay is equal, the lack of respect by not only the general public, but also LEOs really gets to people. Add in mandatory overtime, etc. and it is hard to keep people.

    That is actually the reason I got into corrections. I had applied for dozens of police jobs with no success, but I was hired for a correctional officer position relatively quickly.
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      People can take the tests and pass but that doesn't mean they'll get the job or even accept it when the time comes. Also the test sites for example the Manhattan one doesn't have more than 50 seats and most of the time the NYPD police officer test is held with other civil service examinations. At the same time. Unless I've been missing them they haven't recently held any of those big test days at schools and 500 people come and take test. From my knowledge all my friends who are on the NYPD now says lately its been taking people 2 or 3 years to get hired. As for why they keep giving out the tests? Maybe they use the money from tests the little bit that it is for stuff. People can take it but that doesn't mean they'll pass it. If you fail those tests I have no choice but to laugh at you. I've taken a few of the civil service tests in nyc and Im sure its not any type of advanced placement classwork


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