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MTPD is looking for a Digital Video Evidence Coordinator to join their team!

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  • MTPD is looking for a Digital Video Evidence Coordinator to join their team!

    Please visit to apply!

    The Digital Video Coordinator (DVC) is the element of the Metro Transit Police Criminal Investigation Division (MTPD-CID) responsible for the management of all recorded images on bus, rail or rail yards which bear on criminal or civil liability matters that have to be recovered by MTPD members, or any other element of the Authority. The incumbent will be liaison with other departments within the Authority regarding purchasing, maintenance, repair, recovery and storage of video images and associated equipment. The DVC will be responsible for training selected personnel, at various locations, in the recovery of video evidence, chain of custody issues, and legally acceptable methods of storage. Additionally, the DVC will be responsible for inspection of those locations to insure compliance with WMATA’s policies regarding video collection and retention.

    The DVC will be required to maintain a master file of all recovered video in accordance with WMATA’S policies as well as local, state and federal laws. The incumbent will maintain a tracking system of requests and provide copies of video in accordance with WMATA’s PARP policy and court issued subpoenas.


    Establish criteria for access to video evidence systems and maintain a list of Authority personnel authorized to recover digital video evidence.

    The DVC will provide supervision and direction to any Authority personnel recovering, transporting, or storing digital video evidence in order to maintain the preservation, integrity and confidentiality of all digital video evidence.

    Create a tracking system to record all video requests.

    Review the MTPD 24 hour report and all incident reports from bus and rail. From these reports, he/she will identify all incidents which potentially raise criminal or civil liability issues. Assign requests to recover incidents to appropriate personnel. The ultimate responsibility for assuring that images are recovered from bus or rail cameras will be with the DVC.

    The DVC will be responsible for recovering images upon request from TPL, SAFE, COUN, or any other internal or external entity. The DVC may utilize qualified Authority personnel to recover digital video evidence and will coordinate and direct all activities involving the recovery of digital video evidence. Maintain secure storage of all video evidence.

    The DVC will review all requests for digital video evidence and will forward one copy of the downloaded images to authorized parties and will retain a copy of all downloaded images in a manner consistent with established policy. The DVC will keep a log of all downloaded recordings. The log will include the date of the event, the date of the request, the date of downloading, and the persons whom copies were sent.

    The DVC will insure that video images are only released to WMATA personnel who have official use of the images, to another law enforcement agency for criminal investigation, pursuant to court order, or through a PARP request. The DVC will document on the log any requests for release, the date of request, the name of the requestor, the method of request(subpoena, PARP etc.) and whether the request was honored.

    Maintain a working relationship with TPL, COUN, MTPD, SAFE, OIT, COMM, BUS and RAIL.

    Conduct random checks of the cameras and recording devices at rail stations, and coordinate repair/replacement as needed.

    In conjunction with Bus Services, develop policies and procedures for recovery of wireless video from buses and timely notification of Wireless bus failures and repairs.

    Train approved persons in the proper methods of recovery and storage of video evidence.

    The DVC will be required to testify in court as needed.

    Periodically review WMATA SOP’s and MTPD General Orders related to video evidence and ensure compliance with applicable policies, laws and CALEA standards.

    The above duties and responsibilities are not intended to limit specific duties and responsibilities of this position. They are not intended to limit in any way the right of supervisors to assign, direct and control the work of employees under their supervision.


    Demonstrated ability to manage highly confidential information and property.

    Basic knowledge of Information Technology systems and networking.

    Ability to develop and maintain working relationships with other Authority departments and offices.

    Demonstrated ability to organize and track large volumes of requests and records.

    Demonstrated knowledge and ability to perform legal research.

    Demonstrated knowledge of, or the ability to rapidly acquire knowledge of, the federal rules of evidence, as well as the rules of the courts of the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia, various federal and state agencies and boards and rules ,laws related to chain of custody.

    Ability to work varied hours as necessary.

    Ability to communicate effectively.


    Graduation from an accredited college or university with a degree in Law Enforcement, information systems management, or video technologies. A minimum of four (4) years progressively responsible experience in the management of evidence collection, and administrative experience dealing with highly visible and politically sensitive issues and responding to police, attorneys, and employees at all levels, including executive management. Experience in the area of FOIA as well as WMATA’s PARP and privacy policy.

    Or, an equivalent combination of post high school education and more than six (6) years of experience in video technology and the management of evidence collection, and administrative experience dealing with highly visible and politically sensitive issues and responding to police, attorneys, and employees at all levels, including executive management. Experience in the area of FOIA as well as WMATA’s PARP and privacy policy.

    Have never been convicted of a felony or serious misdemeanor.


    Maintain a valid driver’s license from state of residence.

    Satisfactorily complete the medical examination for this position, if required. The incumbent must be able to perform the essential functions of this particular position either with or without reasonable accommodation(s).

    Please visit to apply!

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    I attached all 3 of my posting, you be the judge.

    Hi, I was a Police Officer with DC Metro for 2 years. It was the worst experience I ever had working for a police agency. I had 15 years prior experience as a Police Officer before joining DC Metro. The training staff is a joke. They are the worst trainers I ever worked with. DO NOT APPLY FOR THIS AGENCY!! YOU WILL BE MAKING A BIG MISTAKE!! I did and I'm glad I moved on to a local and better agency. You have to complete 10 months of academies. The VA academy was good. I enjoyed it a lot. The DC and MD academy is taught by DC Metro. The trainers are so under experience its pathetic. You can become a trainer after two years. Most of the trainers joined the training department after being on the streets for only a year. Normally in a real department, a trainer has 10+ years experience. Its a joke when you asked them a simple question about police procedures and they tell you "I'll find out and get back to you". I would often ask them questions to test there knowledge. Every time they failed. The Admin staff treat you like a piece of ****. They act like they are better then you. The work sucks! You're dealing with the lower class. Who don't recognize you as a Police Officer. Even the local Police agencies don't see Metro Officers as Police Officers. Plus Metro hires people who can not get on with other departments. I worked with some of the worst and laziest Officers I ever met in my life. I wasted 2 years of my life with this under rated department. Please take my advise and don't get hired. It will be the worst mistake you will ever make. If you have to join them, just pass the VA academy and get hired by an agency in VA. I was offered position while attending the academy. I should have taken them, while I had the chance. Metro will say they make the most money in the area. That's BS. Don't listen to them. They just want you to join. They have the biggest turn over rate. Just asked yourself why are they always hiring. MD and VA agencies please refer to this message if you have applicants that are on the fence about joining your department. Take care and please think about what I said in this message.

    The psychology test is about 4 hrs. long. Its 1500 questions. After the test you will speak to a Psychologist for about 20 mins. If you still want to get on with Metro you might want to stay a little longer with the Psych doctor. Read my previous posting about the department. Metro Admin staff does not care about its Officers. I will give you an example....Metro is the only department that I know of, that does not issue Tasers to their Officers. They (Admin) rather you get into a fight with someone then have you use a Taser, and it’s not a cost issue. DC Metro itself makes so much money. I was told by a Sgt, that the DC Metro board members don't have "Faith in their Police Officers to use the Taser and they are afraid of lawsuits". The department is not into "Officer Safety". They don't even have annual or semi-annual defensive tactics (DT) training. The only DT training you will receive is in the VA academy. The Metro Police union is a joke. Every time I wanted to file a grievance, the executive staff would always say "Metro can do that". For example: I had a friend that got into a fight with 2 suspects. He was hurt pretty bad. He was placed on light duty for 4 weeks until his back was better. Metro took away his badge, gun and police credentials, and had him sit in his own vehicle, using his own gas, to stay warm, sitting in a high crime area. (A regular agency will put you behind a desk while on light duty). What do you think is going to happen when criminals observe you watching them conducting criminal activities? You're going to get your *** kicked or even killed. Metro does this to every Officer that gets hurt on the job. Not only is that a major Officer Safety issue, but the union told everyone that "Metro can do that". They didn't even fight it. Thank God I never got hurt on the job. That means you can’t even carry off duty because you don't have any police credentials. Sorry to vent like this, but this department is so *** backwards it’s unbelievable. The Officers have not received a pay raise in 4 years. The Police union is not fighting it either. The admin staff gets their pay raises every year though. They can count on that, but not the foot soldiers. Please think about what I wrote about in these posting. I went to a better agency that cares about there officers. Don’t waste your time with Metro. STAY AWAY FROM METRO!!!!!

    Yes, they are that bad. Also I feel Metro Transit Police is ran like a business, not like a Police Department. I will give you an example. Metro has a high crime rate for stolen vehicles and burglaries. To reduce the numbers, MTPD made an undercover unit that would target the thieves. Within 6 months the unit was successful. The unit made so many arrests and reduce the crime rate by 40%. The unit also did drug arrest and other major crimes. For a normal police department this program was a huge success. But the Admin staff noticed one thing, if they release the information to the public about how successful the unit has been in reducing the rate of stolen vehicles and burglaries, and other crimes, the public will stop using the Metro. Admin felt the riders will believe that Metro is a dangerous place to park and ride the trains and buses. Metro will lose money. Don't worry about the poor victim, but worry how much money they will lose. So the Admin decided to dismantle the unit. And after just a few weeks, the crime rate went back up. Like I said before this department is *** backwards. I will give you another example: I took a report of a theft of a purse on a train. The victim advised she sat her purse next to her on the seat. She looked out the window on the train and observed a black male, in the reflection of the glass, take her purse and put it in his jacket. He exit the train before she had a chance to stay anything to him. So I'm standing there taking a statement from the victim. I advised her the crime was theft from person, not a robbery. I was about to put out a BOLO on my handheld. A Sgt walked up to me and asked to speak to me alone. He told me this was not a crime. He advised me it was lost property and for me to give the victim the number for Metro's lost and found. I advised the Sgt the statement that the victim had told me and that we could easily catch the suspect with the surveillance system. I also advised him the victim had a good description of the suspect. He ordered me to advise the victim of the lost and found procedures. This type of incident happens a lot at Metro. Metro admin wants to hide as many crimes as possible so they will not lose revenue. As a Police Officer you are given the responsibility to protect lives and property. That's why I took the oath. I want to fight for the victim not against them. And that's what Metro is doing. Making the victim, a victim against the system. This is why the pubic doesn't like our profession. When I told the victim the incident was considered lost property. She was so mad she started to cry. She told me she didn't care about her purse or the credit cards or money. She wanted her children's pictures and the pictures of her granddaughter back. I felt so bad for her. For the rest of the shift I checked trash cans and the parking lots for her purse. Couldn't find it anywhere. If I was allowed to put out a BOLO of the suspect, it was a good chance to apprehend him. If you want to do real police work do not work for Metro!!!


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