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  • Alaska State Troopers

    There are approximately 800,000 law enforcement officers in the United States...only 400 earn the title of Alaska State Troopers. Do you have what it takes?

    The Alaska State Troopers will be accepting applications for Alaska State Trooper Recruits and Lateral on September 1st 2012. The recruitment unit just returned from Camp Pendleton, CA and is scheduled to be present at multiple venues in the very near future. Check us out on facebook www.facebook.com/AlaskaStateTroopersOfficial for more information on schedules and locations. For information about the Alaska State Troopers and Alaska Wildlife Troopers go to www.alaskastatetrooper.com

    I am the agency recruiter for Alaska State Troopers, Alaska Wildlife Troopers, Court Services Officers, Deputy Fire Marshals, and can answer questions you may have on this forum.

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    What requirements would one have to meet to obtain a lateral?


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      State Trooper Lateral is distinguished from State Trooper Recruit by having completed an acceptable basic law enforcement training program. To qualify you must possess an active police certification and at least one year of patrol experience as a full time police officer in a certified State or Municipal law enforcement agency. State Trooper Laterals, when hired, must complete a limited course of instruction focused on aspects of law enforcement specific to the State of Alaska and the Department of Public Safety. This is in the form of a 7 week lateral academy.


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        For those interested, the Alaska State Troopers Recruitment Unit will be on board Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson this weekend for Arctic Thunder 2012 air show. www.alaskaairshow.org


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          I am a NYS Certified Peace Officer. I have been a criminal investigator for my dept's IG unit for 2 yrs. 5 yrs total on the job...would i qualify for the lateral?


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            Certified LEO from outside the state of Alaska must meet the requirements for certification through the Alaska Public Safety Council (APSC). APSC is Alaska's P.O.S.T. At the time of application, you will be required to demonstrate proof of completing an accredited law enforcement training academy and at least 1 year of patrol experience. Troopers in Alaska are not the traditional State Patrol, but rather similar to Sheriff's Departments in terms of duties performed, with statewide enforcement responsibility. If you have questions about whether or not your particular academy certification will be valid in Alaska, please take a look at APSC website and feel free to contact their staff with any certification questions at http://dps.alaska.gov/apsc/


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              If an applicant does not qualify for lateral hire, but possesses LEO experience, they are strongly encouraged to apply as a State Trooper Recruit (STR). The LEO experience makes them a much stronger applicant. The STR process is a highly competitive one due to the unique job description and highly competitive pay (Troopers have the earning potential of over $200,000.00 per year in rural locations, during the course of their careers). Any prior experience will provide a competitive edge.


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                Aside from the competitive pay, Troopers are provided with a take home vehicle, all Safariland leather gear, body armor (sized to you and replaced every 5 years), uniforms, uniform maintenance allowance (with no cost for uniform replacements), Glock Mod 22 Gen 4, X26 Taser, Colt patrol rifle, Remington 870 shotgun, any other tools required for the job. The State of Alaska pays for all relocation costs once you are hired, up to 16,000 LBS of household goods, 2 vehicles, and travel for household family members. Full medical benefits are also provided with retirement eligibility with full medical benefits at 25 years of service.


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                  Please excuse my ignorance however, based on your description, it almost sounds as if the ASTs are hurting for qualifed applicants. Is there any truth to this?

                  Relocation reimbursements is almost unheard of these days, especially for state/municiple agencies.

                  Also rare but not unheard of, active recruiting as evident with your post and the agencies recruitment unit travels. The only other agency I have seen do this is Portland PD. I have been applying for LEO positions for some two years now though I am currently a sworn LEO.

                  There is a lot of military presence in Alaska if I am not mistaken with the Army, Air Force and USCG having bases located in the state. Also with the university, there must be educated and experienced individuals applying for these positions.

                  Your agency can't possibly be hurting for bodies, you must be highly selective. Can you shed some light onto which areas of the process applicants are not meeting or exceeding the ASTs expectations?


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                    What are the requirements for out of state applicants? Do they have an expedited process (I'd be coming from Pennsylvania)


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                      Does the Alaska State Troopers hire Cadets?


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                        Thank you for your interest in the Alaska State Troopers. *We will be accepting applications for the Fall (August) 2013 Academy at www.alaskastatetrooper.com on September 1st 2012. This application process will be for both STR and Lateral candidates.

                        Applicants must have applied for U. S. Citizenship at the time of application with the Department of Public Safety, Alaska State Troopers.

                        The Department of Public Safety places a high value on our resources and
                        the extensive training we provide our recruits. *We wish to be certain
                        that our applicants are truly serious about living in Alaska, accepting
                        employment as a State Trooper, and that they have the time and funds
                        needed to participate in the testing process.

                        It is imperative that you thoroughly research Alaska, its geography,
                        lifestyle, isolation from the continental US, and the impact a move to
                        Alaska will have on you and your family, prior to continuing further
                        into the hiring process. *Should you determine that you wish to obtain
                        more information prior to committing to a job and life in Alaska, you
                        may withdraw your application and reapply for any future cycle.*

                        Testing in Anchorage:
                        If selected you will need to be in Anchorage for 7 to 10 days sometime
                        in June 2013 *at your own expense (airfare, lodging, meals, and
                        ground transportation). *For out-of-state applicants: your expenses,
                        depending on the time of year and your choices of airfare, lodging,
                        meals, and ground transportation, may range from $2000 to $2500.*


                        * * * * Extensive background investigation
                        * * * * Physical Fitness Test (PFT)
                        * * * * Hiring board review
                        * * * * Polygraph
                        * * * * Psychologist
                        * * * * Physical examination
                        * * * * Director's review

                        The hiring process takes approximately 11 months. *This is an extensive hiring process that will require you to gather ALL of your current and past employment, residential, driving, and criminal history. *Unlike some agencies, we require that you be prepared to go far beyond a 10 year history. *

                        Alaska State Troopers are assigned to postings throughout the state, as well as multi-agency task forces, and other specialized or isolated units that operate in some of the most challenging environments in law enforcement.

                        Start the hiring process at www.alaskastatetrooper.com

                        Follow us on Facebook www.facebook.com/AlaskaStateTroopersOfficial

                        Feel free to contact our Recruitment Staff with any questions about the hiring process or future with the Alaska Department of Public Safety.


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                          The only significant difference between the lateral and STR hiring process is the length of the academy which is 7 weeks for laterals and 17 weeks for STR. Lateral hires should keep in mind that Alaska State Troopers and Alaska Wildlife Troopers are regularly called upon to investigate major crimes that would otherwise be assigned to Detective/Investigative Bureaus. Troopers are often called upon to respond to situations that would require multiple officers in other jurisdictions, with little or no assistance in extreme climates. Hence the saying among Alaskans, "one riot, one Trooper."

                          Ultimately we are understaffed, patrolling areas the size of West Virginia with half a dozen Troopers or less. With that being said, the residents of Alaska demand that we will never lower our hiring standards.

                          Good luck to all of you. We look forward to seeing you in Alaska or at one of our recruitment events.


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                            Interested in a career as an Alaska State Trooper or Alaska Wildlife Trooper? Visit the Recruitment Unit display booth at the Tanana Valley State Fair 2012 in Fairbanks, Alaska from August 3rd to the 12th, or visit us online at www.alaskastatetrooper.com


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                              I'd also like to mention that they have the best "office" in the world.


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