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please help with NYPD


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  • please help with NYPD

    Hi, I am a former Marine. I had three combat tours in Iraq. I was honorably discharged in 2010 and I took the NYPD exam last year and passed with a 95. However, when I got out I'd applied for VA disability which almost all miliatry members do. I was awarded a 50% PTSD claim and another 10% for tendenitous. I have never been arrested or even had a speeding ticket, I'm currently a 3.5 GPA student in college, I am and always have been in good finacial standing and, I am in good physical shape. What are my chances of passing the hiring process of the NYPD? Also is there anyone who has been in a similar situation? If so what happened? What should I do now to prepare? Also I want to include that I dont believe I have PTSD I was just going through a really rough time when I claimed it. I was transitioning into civilian life as well as recently exiting a combat zone. I literally left a combat zone and a few weeks later I was in NY broke with no one and no idea of what to do. I now see it was a stupid action on my behalf to claim those benefits. I think that I can probably get that claim reduced if I talk to a VA psychiatrist now.

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    What questions does the NYPD ask about your mental health? I know the federal government, on the SF-86, specifically does not ask about mental health treatment related to combat stress. I honestly think that almost no law enforcement employer will deny you employment based upon PTSD, as a huge percentage of LE has been there, done that.

    I can't speak for the NYPD, but I know the feds pointedly do not care about mental health treatment related to combat service. The reason they don't is because too many service members were not seeking treatment for fear that it would interfere with the security clearance. As long as you're managing your mental health, I think any agency should be proud to have you on their force.


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      Oh What a Tangled Web...........

      I can't speak for NYPD but I am qualified to speak about law enforcement hiring in general.

      PTSD and Tendonitis are medical issues and not background matters unless you make them such. We'll get to that in a minute.

      As part of the medical screening process you will be asked about prior injuries and any claims for compensation you may have filed in connection with them. Requests will be made for medical records, particularly those used to evaluate the severity of your injury when your condition was found to be permanent and stationary for the purpose of determining your degree of permanent disability compensation. These, along the department doctor's evaluation of our current condition will determine if you meet the hiring agency's pass/fail medical standards.

      Whether your tendonitis will DQ you will depend on its severity and NYPD standards.

      With respect to PTSD, police applicants are evaluated to determine if they are free from any emotional or mental condition that might adversely affect the exercise of police powers, and to otherwise ensure that the candidate is capable of withstanding the psychological demands of the position. This is done through written and in person exams combined with an evaluation of your prior medical records. If you now say you made a false claim for PTSD or did it because you were confused, it will suggest a lack of integrity on your part in addition to an inability to make good decisions under even mildly adverse conditions. This may result in a double DQ, one on the background for dishonesty and the other on the psych as lacking the traits necessary for the position. A DQ for dishonesty based on filing a false compensation claim will just about haunt you forever in your search for a job in law enforcement.
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        With the NYPD you will take a pych test which if I recall was the mmpi but its been years since I took it so I can't say for sure. You will also talk to a psychologist at LeFrak. It may or may not work out for you. You should give it a shot.
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          Originally posted by So Fla Cop
          NYPD hires felons...go for it.

          WAIT! i thought thats was NYC Corrections! XD
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            thanks everyone for your honest response... Thank you L-1 for your honesty, however I did not make a false claim. I was diagnosed with PTSD during my time in the Military. When I was discharged I claimed PTSD because it was recommended by military psychologist. I was very hesitant but since it was already in my medical record I decided to go for it. I figuered it would maybe look better if NYPD psyc saw that I saught help in a time of need.(to be treated for something you need to claim whatever it is in regards to the VA, for example if you went blind you have to claim blindness to get all the free medical benefits for blindness ei. training, medication, counseling, equipment, procedures...) As of now though, I've had not had any symptoms since I sought that treatment, however the issue is that as of now PTSD is not curable just treatable. Since then I have been very productive, and that will be my argument when I go for the oral. (graduate college on dean's list, held a job, etc..)To show that I am capable of being a police officer also it is my calling I was an MP for the USMC.


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