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    Originally posted by literocola View Post
    I will also pass along some things by bro's from up north always talk about:
    1. Be prepared for SERIOUS culture shock. Policing down here is NOTHING like policing up there. You can get fired for looking sideways at someone and theres no union to do anything about it. I've seen really great officers get sent down the wrong road because some ladder climbing sycophantic captain needed an example to point to when he went to his interview for major.

    Also, we watched in car and cell phone videos of my fellow officers while they were still at NYPD on the job and the language they used in general conversation is a first class ticket to becoming a mall cop down here. There's a lot more *** kissing of the citizenry that's required. The guys I work with are constantly pausing to filter themselves because all these southerners can't take four letter words and some are too stupid to understand sarcasm (I'm a born southerner so I'm allowed to say this...Bless their hearts)

    Good Luck
    Spot on!

    The NYPD way won't fly down there. Be prepared to be dispatched to jobs such as, abandoned vehicles and "there's a guy walking down my block who I don't recognize."

    It's a whole new police culture. If you're currently an NYPD MOS considering a move, research before you take the dive.
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