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  • NYPD to North Carolina

    Hey All,

    Have a few questions that hopefully my fellow LEO's can help me with. Finishing up my career up here with the NYPD as a detective. retiring soon and the family and I are relocating down to North carolina, probably the hampstead area. Not ready to hang up the boots yet and want to stay in law enforcement for a few more years. I'm only 42 so not ready to "Retire". Question I have is what is the policy as far as laterals go??Good departments near the Hampstead area??Will I have to take the whole BLET course? Don't think I could handle another academy again especially after 22 years. Any help would be greatly Appreciated.....Stay Safe, wear your vests and always go home......


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    Okay basically it works two ways for out of state transfers: Sheriff Deputy vs Police Officer

    Sheriff Deputy route:

    A) Get hired by the sheriff, and within 12 months of being hired you would be required to complete BLET course (Basic Law Enforcement Certification), pass the state exam, and you're good to go. Now i'm not sure if you could still work in a LEO capacity prior to finishing BLET (i.e. using your NY certification to have arrest powers...in Florida this for example is possible), or if you would be hired but not able to enforce laws until BLET is complete.


    B) Challenge BLET, which basically means you are saying "Hey i got a ton of experience and know my N.C. laws, I dont need to take the whole friggin academy over". What you will do during your 12 month probationary hiring by the sheriff, is basically take the State exam (and pass!) and show proficiency in 5 LEO areas (Driving, Physical Fitness, Self-Defense/Arrest techniques, First Aid, Firearms) to an instructor. If you pass the state exam and show proficiency in those areas, you can skip the academy, get your BLET certification, and you're good to go. (This is ONLY for prior LEO with a valid out of state certification and no long lapse in service : 12+ months i think).

    Police Officer route:

    An out of State lateral transfer may use their valid out of state certification to transfer, as long as they take a 98-hour Legal Update course (usually offered by academy or Community college) and pass the state exam within 12 months of being hired by the department. Your out of state certification will be evaluated by the N.C. Justice Academy to make sure it's all good to go but I would imagine you should be fine coming from NY. You will also have to do firearms qualification but that's a no brainer.

    That's the short and skinny. I'll provide some links at the bottom for you to check out and get much more information about it then you would ever want. It's going to boil down to whether you wanna be a deputy sheriff or Police officer. Their basically the same here in N.C. except that deputies engage in civil processes and matters, where as most police don't. Obviously there's slightly more that differentiates the two but i can talk more about that via PM if you want.

    Also, keep this very important point in mind: Whether or not a department or sheriffs office wants to allow your out of state cert. and "fast track" you, is 100% up to their discretion. My dept does not allow it for example. You gotta do the WHOLE academy if you are not N.C. certified BELT already. But i do know there are departments in the state that WILL allow out of state fast tracking, you just have to ask.

    Lastly, as for departments in your area, well you have Wilmington nearby which is a good size dept. and probably easy to get on. Other than that, you are looking at small towns which usually hire once in a blue moon and only for a few slots. You also have the sheriff department in the county you will be living in, could try them as well.

    Good luck and I hope this helps some.


    Scroll to bottom for Out Of State Transfer information (for police officer)

    For information for Police officer basic requirements

    Challenging the BLET (Sheriff department)

    Deputy Sheriff information, min requirements

    FAQ for N.C. Training and Standards from Justice Academy (good info for your to look at).
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      So you don't have any surprises....NC is a non-union state. Just wanted to get that out of the way.

      I have a close friend who does recruiting with Raleigh PD that may be able to help you out if you're interested. I know it's not close to Hampstead, but he may be worth chatting with. PM me and let me know.


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        ^^^^ What he said. Non-Union, rather low pay, and 30 year retirement (vested after 5) makes for a rather crappy situation. But if you're just looking for a place to relax and retire, it sure beats Florida!


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          Bigger the department the better in a right to work state. Check out thee rant for more info on the local area.


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            OP- If you are willing to travel just a little further up the coast, Jacksonville PD and Fayetteville PD hire on a regular basis; and will sponosr your BLET. You can take BLET at Coastal Carolina Community College in Jacksonville, or attend Fayetteville's Academy. (Not sure of their exact school location). But be advised, these are both G.I. Towns for large military bases; higher crime and expensive local cost of living for the area. Starting Pay for J.P.D. is about 30-32K.

            Also, what has been posted about wages and the Right To Work issue is true....very different from NYPD's employment protections and higher wages.
            Just another squirrel, tryin' to get a nut......


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              hampstead falls under the pender county sheriffs office. Hear different things regarding both pender and neighboring new hanover...Buddy works for Surf City and another ex NYPD for Wilmington.....So my options are open but want to make the right decision. Anything is better then working up here in the ghetto. Just not ready to make the jump into civilianism yet...lol...


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                Wilmington PD would be the best dept if you want to live by the coast.
                Nice town. I'd like to retire there or charleston SC.


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                  Originally posted by So Fla Cop
                  At least you are not moving to Cary. (Containment Area for Relocated Yankees)
                  Lots of retired MOS down there.

                  Their may be one more ...

                  Originally posted by SHU View Post
                  Check out thee rant for more info on the local area.
                  Before you go there, I hope you have a strong stomach and thick skin.
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                    Originally posted by So Fla Cop
                    Are you going? I think that is still too cold.
                    I'm seriously considering it. So is another Ranter (with PAPD).
                    They Don’t Think It Be Like It Is, But It Do.


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                      Originally posted by GoldBadge View Post
                      I'm seriously considering it. So is another Ranter (with PAPD).
                      Check out Apex. Right next door but your money will go farther.


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                        Hey I'm looking to lateral from NYPD to Raleigh PD just looking for more information about laterals & information about the department.also about what are good neighborhoods to live in & what are the best school districts. You could send me an email at romman101aol.com any info would be greatly appreciated thank you.


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                          Hey I'm looking to lateral from NYPD to Raleigh PD just looking for more information about laterals & information about the department.also about what are good neighborhoods to live in & what are the best school districts. You could send me an email at romman101aol.com any info would be greatly appreciated thank you.


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                            Just know you have to work 30 years for retirement in North Carolina. Its been years since I lived in that part of the world but the RPD always had problems back then with pay and morale. The mayor and city council back then in Raleigh seemed much more interested in building parks and planting trees than paying its cops. The Wake County sheriffs department seemed like a much better job. But my info is from back in the mid to late 90s. Things very well may have changed since then. Best of luck


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                              Let me chime in here. I'm not retired NYPD, I'm actually one of the last 20 or so people who is actually from the Charlotte area and not a NY or PA transplant.

                              I work with a several retired NYPD guys and all of them came in via a lateral transfer and taking the 96 hour legal block of instruction at the local community college as a "limited enrollee" in the BLET program. As far as municipal policing that's probably the easiest way to get in here. Find places you'd consider working and start talking to recruiting folks and getting an idea of what their process is. Each department seems to have a unique and sometimes ascinine process for getting hired on.

                              I will also pass along some things by bro's from up north always talk about:
                              1. Be prepared for SERIOUS culture shock. Policing down here is NOTHING like policing up there. You can get fired for looking sideways at someone and theres no union to do anything about it. I've seen really great officers get sent down the wrong road because some ladder climbing sycophantic captain needed an example to point to when he went to his interview for major.

                              Also, we watched in car and cell phone videos of my fellow officers while they were still at NYPD on the job and the language they used in general conversation is a first class ticket to becoming a mall cop down here. There's a lot more *** kissing of the citizenry that's required. The guys I work with are constantly pausing to filter themselves because all these southerners can't take four letter words and some are too stupid to understand sarcasm (I'm a born southerner so I'm allowed to say this...Bless their hearts)

                              Good Luck
                              "I'm not even gonna dignify myself with a response to that" Rod Farva


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