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What's up with CA?


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  • What's up with CA?

    Hey guys, new member here. I started the application process with the California Highway Patrol a little over two years ago. I've finished my medical and written psych. Waiting for my oral psych. I got a letter from the state personnel board, saying I'm heavy for my height and I have to submit a treadmill EKG test. No problem, I did fine. Doctor has submitted the test results, anyone know what happens next?

    Any rumors with the CHP hiring freeze/slow down? Any rumors of the next CHP academy?

    Are there any other CA agencies that are full peace officers? I heard CA Fish and Game is hiring, but they require 60 credits of college (I only have 27, economy had me take all the work I can get, until this economy stabilizes, it's hard to commit to school)

    Oh, and I've joined a volunteer Search and Rescue team, we work closely with the Los Angeles Police Department, will this help me when I interview with other agencies? I'm learning NIMS, ICS, 10-codes, etc, etc..
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    I suggest looking in the California section. What is happening with the CHP is posted there.
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      Guess I should have followed the standard rules an any internet forum...and use the search bar! D'oh!


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