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  • Self Sponsorship for POST?

    So I have the option of doing self sponsorship for POST. It would cost me $2000 for books and everything. I'm having a problem getting hired by a agency. Test taking has ALWAYS been a
    problem for me. My questions are: If I put my self into POST and come out do you know if a hiring agency would take me in and not test me since I already did POST? Anyone have any
    experience with this? Thank you for all your guys help. This is one thing I have always wanted and I'm not stopping tell I get it.

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    I highly doubt that you will get hired without taking a test. Frankly, if you can't pass entrance tests, I don't think you'll pass an academy.


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      The only people usually exempt from the written tests are lateral experienced officers. This is only at SOME agencies and in SOME states. You can pay that 2,000 dollars and A.) not be guaranteed a job, B.) not find a job prior to your certification lapsing, or C.) not pass the POST exam. All this can result in a 2,000 dollar loss.

      Not to deter you, but to give you food for thought. I sponsored myself and got hired six months out of the academy. In this market there are no guarantees and that POST license is usually only good for your state. If your state isn't hiring at all I would suggest looking at other options.


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        Do not expect the academy to exempt you from any test/s.


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          You failed report writing already.
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            Mr. Kosonen I thought you already were a cop from your posts and your resume,

            Brian Kosonen
            Law Enforcement/Security Officer Experienced
            Summery Of Skills
            Already Certified in PATH Handcuffing/Baton/OCAT Spray/Concealed Carry Weapon license and Training/Self Defensive/ Leadership Training
            Employment History
            Center Partners
            Call Center/ Sales/ Customer Service
            Sales. Customer Service
            Post Falls Idaho
            December 2009 - Present
            Sales. Customer Service

            Silver Mountain
            Ski and Summer Resort
            Kellogg Idaho
            September 2008 - March 2009

            Kodiak Security Services
            Security Service Company
            Security Officer
            Spokane WA
            February 2008 - October 2008

            Laramie WY
            October 2005 - June 2006
            Wallace High School
            Wallace ID
            September 2000 - June 2004
            High School

            Originally posted by bkosonen View Post
            Best case for a cop? Hey guys, I use my phone for my job daily for running backgrounds, logging calls ect. What case would you point me to. I'm thinking the otter box. If I could get something that can go on my duty belt that would be handy. But thought I would ask you guys so if there is something I have not heard about let me know. Thanks
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                Originally posted by Buffaloboy View Post
                Interesting photo. :-(
                Getting shot hurts! Don't under estimate the power of live ammo. A .22LR can kill you! I personally feel that it's best to avoid being shot by any caliber. Your vest may stop the bullet, but you'll still get a nice bruise or other injury to remember the experience.


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                  Spend the $2k on college course (English, math, science.....). The courses should help you improve on the written exam.


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