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  • It doesn't matter if you are 100%, as long as you can pass a regular physical. I say skip the pain of working for the VA police and run far away. If you need a job, sure, take it. But If you have any other offer, anything, take that. Think of the VA police as mall security/base police. Unlocking doors, walking patients to thier appointments and waiting for them, giving warnings to everyone, getting treated like garbage by most staff as that look at you more as security guards, just about none of your cases go anywhere. The tickets mean pretty much nothing you give out. If you like being underpaid, treated like security, want a dead end job, have at it.


    • Bidstar
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      Looks like is a no go for me then.

    • FNG41YR
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      Bidstar he ain't wrong. This job is a foot in the door type of thing.

  • All who is interested.... Straight off the LETC Training website posted by Deputy Director, Mr. Dennis M. Moore:

    Update - LETC Reconstitution Plan - Released 5/27/2020

    To all perspective students of the LETC,

    I wanted to provide you an update on LETC’s reconstitution plan. This is tentative based upon input and approval from HRA/OSP, VHA and COVID-19.

    We are hopeful class 2005 will restart on July 6th. They will come as a cohort. Unfortunately, if anyone from this class can not attend, they will have to be enrolled in a later class and begin in week 1. Class 2005 will return and start at week 5.

    Class 2006 is tentatively scheduled to begin on August 3rd. This will be the first class scheduled in the 8 week, 10 hour day format. The design is intended to get your officers into the academy quicker and back to your station faster.

    There will be 2 classes scheduled to begin in October 2020.

    All classes will have a seating capacity of 75 to assist in mitigating the wait times caused by COVID-19.

    If there is a need, LETC is developing a plan to potentially start another POST class in November that would graduate in January.

    We are working very closely with Mr. Troy Brown, VHA Senior Security Advisor on our reconstitution plan. Mr. Brown is actively monitoring stations with staffing shortages, how many officers are currently awaiting academy seats; as well as how many vacancies are in the on-boarding process. Other than class 2005, his office will be deciding what class your officers will assigned to. He is taking a multitude of factors into consideration when assigning your officers to a particular class. If you have unique staffing requirements, I recommend you reach out to Mr. Brown and advise him.


    • laboy14
      laboy14 commented
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      Do you have the link to where this is stated? I've tried going to the LETC official training website and cannot seem to find this anywhere.

  • The info is from the LETC Training website in which you will be assigned a login and password for the training from there prior to attending and the training from the academy itself, meaning the 400 plus hours of our training at the school. Its called "ACADIS". If your site has already given you a "tentative date" for school, you should have received an email with your Login and Password for ACADIS.


    • I applied early this month but was waiting on a statement of service for my military service. I uploaded it last week to my usajobs profile. I still havent heard anything back. Is this normal? my coworker applied last month and received a phone call within a few weeks, interview a week or so later, and already has a conditional offer. He is much less experienced than I am.


      • If you were referred, just give it a bit. Even after the job closes, it can some times take a minute depending on HR and hiring officials. It does take time because some of them probably working from home. Either way, if you haven't heard from anyone after a minute, just reach out to the POC on the job announcement. Doesn't hurt. I got a response when I went through the process and hit up the POC.


        • nonotnow
          nonotnow commented
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          Haven't gotten referred yet, still left on received. I figured it was a fast moving process, thanks I'll keep an eye on it and if I don't hear back by the beginning of next month I'll hit them up.

      • For all that's interested in LETC updates for classes moving forward in the next few months... Straight from the ACADIS training website for LETC:

        Update - LETC Reconstitution Plan - Released 6/17/2020


        As we anticipate the re-opening of LETC and getting your officers trained and working within your respective facilities, we wanted to share some safety and procedural issues to be utilized at LETC during training.

        First, the safety of our staff and students is paramount to the continued operations and successful completion of LETC courses. As COVID-19 continues to plaque the nation, we will do everything within our control to mitigate risk and potential exposure. We continue to monitor and assess all professional guidelines relating to recommended safety precautions. Please note that as these guidelines change or new ones are put in place, we will adapt accordingly to ensure we are doing everything we can to keep our risks low. In order to be compliant and effective, we ask that you help us help you, by encouraging your officers to think of safety first. None of the efforts to date will matter if we have an exposure and have to implement another operational shut down.

        One of the most important protective measures preventing or deterring the transmission of COVID-19 is the facial barrier mask. Knowing that there are many different types and levels of protective masks, combined with the numerous policies, SOP’s and directives covering issuance and proper wear of this PPE, LETC has decided to take a proactive and consistent stance to ensure compliance.

        Upon arrival at LETC and prior to commencement of training, students will be issued protective masks. These masks will be considered part of the students official uniform and will be worn as required when in LETC controlled spaces outside of the dorm rooms, at all times, unless not practical for training such as Physical Fitness etc. Masks brought from the home station will not be allowed while in training status on LETC grounds. Additionally, LETC will not entertain alterations, coloring or customizing of the issued masks for purposes of consistency and standardized professionalism

        In consideration of potential training challenges and accommodations, we ask that you help us ensure all students reporting to LETC are both willing and able to comply with this mandate.

        As always, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to any LETC leadership for guidance.


        James L. Ward, Director

        Special Agent / Attorney At Law

        United States Department of Veterans Affairs

        Office of Security & Law Enforcement

        Law Enforcement Training Center (LETC)


        • dave18873
          dave18873 commented
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          Appreciate the info, for members who may be in the process and while it may vary from station to station, what is the hiring process consisting of in covid-19 status? Phone interview, any agility test, medical exam or psych exams, etc? Thanks

      • How is Covid “plaque(ing) the nation”? It’s not a dental issue...

        Utter morons can’t even use the correct words
        Now go home and get your shine box!


        • "James L. Ward, Director

          Special Agent / Attorney At Law"

          That guy needs to drop the attorney thing. NOBODY CARES. Let me guess -- he wants to be called an Esquire too?


          • Actually, he prefers to be called Dr. Ward. Joke. They aren't real special agents either.


            • Anyone apply and never hear back? I'm more than qualified and silence on my end.


              • cbpApp
                cbpApp commented
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                Everything is slow right now. You could always contact the HR point if contact listed on your announcement. Other than that, be patient.

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