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Eye requirement question


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  • Eye requirement question

    I notice Minneapolis PD require this for your eyes :

    Eyesight: Vision no poorer than 20/100 in either eye without correction; but correctable to 20/40 in both eyes. Must be able to distinguish the colors red, yellow and green.
    I am 20/20 in the left, 20/80 in the right.

    correctable to 20/60 in the right...is that pretty much a no go? Is that super strict?

    Thanks guys, I am curious if I just hit a brick wall or not .

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    Eye Requirement Question

    That is how I would interpret that. By any chance are you a candidate for vision correction surgery? I was very interested in some agencies year ago that had pretty strict vision requirements. In fact, back then, having the surgery was a dis qualifier! Fast forward to more recently, I had the lasik surgery and I only wish I had it done sooner. Contact lenses were okay for quite a while, but not having to use them is better. If you don't know if you qualify for the procedure, I would encourage you at least take one of the free seminars to find out more about it, If you can't afford it right now, at least you can plan for it if you qualify and and agency would allow it.

    (Getting off my soapbox now.)


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      That is where I found out I would be lucky to hit 20/50-20/60 in my right eye was through LASIK consultation yesterday. I have not had any surgery yet, might not even be helped at 20/50.

      Anyone else have any thoughts as to whether or not this is an issue?


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        Thanks Chief, i'll stop worrying about that one requirement!


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          I agree that you may find a job somewhere, but it will not be with the agency you posted about.


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            How is the CIA/FBI eye requirements?


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