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    Originally posted by OTVFD18 View Post
    Do you want to stay away from completing another academy? If not, I would suggest the Syracuse Police Department in upstate NY. However, you're NC certification will not transfer here.
    Incorrect.... Love276, if you want to consider Syracuse PD, then your NC certification WILL transfer to New York state. You will just need to call NY Division of Criminal Justice Services and speak with an Anne Bloomberg, she will explain the process to you. Her name and phone number are on the website.


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      Alaska state troopers. Lateral from any state, pay is good, weather sucks, but still appears to be a decent state police agency.
      God created some police officers perfect, the rest he put in cars.


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        Originally posted by chongosuerte View Post
        I'm also a NC cop and am going through the same problem-getting sick of working for peanuts with no improvement in sight.

        Denver is where I plan on applying when there are openings. Probably Fort Collins. 55% less crime than the city I work in now, with 100 less cops and 50,000 more citizens. And a crapton more $$.

        But I am still looking around.

        And to about fed: Why apply Fed when you could get on quicker with a department that pays as much or nearly as much, and you get to do real police work in a place you choose, with no chance of having to move in 3 years. And you only work 40 hours a week for that pay, rather than 50-60?
        You can forget Ft. Collins unless you know someone there already.......just being honest. It's one of the most desirable municipal agencies in CO. If you don't believe me, call them and ask when they are recruiting again, to which they will reply "we don't"...lol.
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