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  • Employment History Question

    I sent for my statement of earnings (from SSA) for use in my applications for employment history. I just got it in today and noticed that some jobs that I have had, did not show up. At least 4 to be exact; and granted, the two are jobs at summer camps, one at a university that I went to, and one at a boarding school I attended. Not very important jobs but jobs nonetheless. Obviously my first step is to get in contact with my previous employers to get more information, but I know some places have gone out of business. I want to be as detailed as I possibly can when it comes to my employment history on my application. So my question is:
    I want to include the jobs that I do not have exact information for, but If I can't remember or can't get that information, should I include it on my employment history on just put down what the Social Security Administration has on file for me.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Have a great weekend everyone, stay safe.

    -=Thank you=-

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    2 of my previous employers went out of business, so I had to research the information. There are several things you can do and some of which I did:

    You can search by name of the business on the internet.
    You can check your local library for old phone books.
    You can drive to the old place of business and get the address off of the new business if the building is still standing or get the address from the building that replaced it.
    You can search for the former owner's/manager's name and call them for information.
    You can call the city that you used to work in and get the information from the permit department/tax department/assessor's department/city clerk.
    You can call the police/sheriff's department in the jurisdiction that you used to work in and see if they have any old information on file still; or, if it's not that old, they can check their computer databases.
    You can check with the records department of the law enforcement agency in that jurisdiction and ask for address of the business - if any police reports have been made for the location they should have the reports on file and can give you the address.
    You can look up information for old coworkers and see if they have the information.
    You can speak to detectives/veteran police officers who work in that jurisdiction to see if they might have the information.

    If anyone has any other information - please feel free to add to it!

    When contacting the law enforcement agencies - just make sure to tell them WHY you are asking for the information and they will hopefully be more helpful.

    Good luck!
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