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Thoughts on CBP at Southern Border (Texas mostly)


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  • Thoughts on CBP at Southern Border (Texas mostly)


    I took the CBP exam for the midwest (Chicago specifically) in December of last year and got my results a month later. Pretty good score, but word from all my CBP friends is that there won't be much, if any, hiring going on here. CBP needs help at the borders so I'm highly considering transferring my scores down there to get a career start going, but my wife needs to be close to a larger city due to her job. Ex Houston, El Paso, Dallas, etc. None of those seem to be in the region list they offered me. Here's my question:

    1. Given the choices of west Texas, border cities in Texas, Georgia, and Southern California...what areas/cities do you think I'd have the best chances at with a score of 90?
    2. I'm aware of the dangers that come along with the territory, but which of the border towns in Texas would you consider the most problematic/busy?

    I apologize ahead of time if this is not the appropriate place for this thread, so let me know and I'll move it. Otherwise, thanks in advance for your input.

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    When you say CBP, do you mean Border Patrol Agent or Officer?

    I assume you mean CBP officer working the POE. There is a CBP Officer thread here and I'm sure someone will be happy to help.
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      Meant Officer. Thanks! I'll try over there.


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