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    How is it being a woman Correctional Officer in the Miami facility?

    I was thinking of applying.. Well did apply. I was always intimidated by the position but, after talking to the person at the career fair. I decided to entertain it and cross that bridge if they call

    The guy was telling me that I can transfer to another position after a year probation.

    I also asked him whats the difference between the county and the state. He expressed that they get paid more and it better here.

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    3 week vacation at FLETC, . Most times its a two yr probation in the Gov. After the first yr you can apply out to other FED positions. After 3 yrs you are a status employee in the Gov. Within the first yr you can be let go etc for small things, the probation is for you to adapt to the Gov. Take care.


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      What does FLETC mean? is that the State Corrections?

      What position do you hold. Also, how is it at the Federal Prison?

      thank you


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        FLETC is the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. That's where BOP does their academy. Well most Fed agencies do their training there.


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          I dont know about Miami but here in NY there are many women COs and they handle the work fine. He probably meant after a year you can bid on a position outside of custody (daily inmate contact) which is true.
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            i never thought i would apply. But i did 2 days ago. So i guess I will cross that bridge if they select me.

            My friend applied and she is a little. So little they had to adjust her uniform..

            But its not Fed its Federal

            What do you all think is better? can you give your reasons too..

            The guy at the fair said, its not like what you see on TV. They actually enjoy it and the inmates dont trouble you..
            Mt friend is very attractive so that makes me nervous too. But they guy said as long as you come to work and not wear those tight up clothes etc you will be fine..


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