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Coast Guard Investigative Service (CGIS) - Special Agent/1811 (Civilian)


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  • Coast Guard Investigative Service (CGIS) - Special Agent/1811 (Civilian)

    Does anyone have any info for the Civilian Special Agents (1811) with CGIS, i.e. type of firearms they carry, take-home GOVs, Daily Activities. There was an annoucement a few months back for a GS-13 in Houston. I read the post in the military section on here, but it was outdated and mostly talked about the enlisted and reservist. Thanks

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    Originally posted by jb5722
    its extremely extremely extremely hard to get a job with CGIS, you can probably find their issued weapon on wikipedia. the rest i dont really know.
    Thanks. Knew it was very competative. Was told they recv'd 145 apps for the 13 slot in Houston that was out a couple of months ago.


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      Sig 229 chambered in .40 S&W.


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        Any info on the IV (CG Reserve) side of the job?


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          Also VERY difficult.


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            I recently got referred to the hiring official for a Coast Guard Marine Inspector (1801) announcement on USAJOBS. How much does CGIS work with inspectors or get involved with criminal cases? Would this position be good experience for an 1810 or 1811 position?

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              my buddy is a recruiter with CGIS, its a pretty good job
              Exam: Retook exam: 11/2010
              TO: 2/2011
              Medical: 3/22/2011
              PT Test: 3/22/2011
              VBT: 3/2011
              Background: 3/2011
              Drug Test: 4/2011
              Referred to TSU: 5/2011
              PT Test 2: TBD
              FLETC: Good Question lol
              CBP Officer:

              USMS- Region 8
              Info Session 9/2009
              Interview 3/2010
              COE 5/2010
              Medical 5/2010
              Fit/Background 7/2010
              All clear as of 11/2010
              FCIP Over, all applicants scrapped. (GAME OVER) 3/2011 :'(


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                Originally posted by BiggyWannaBGman View Post
                my buddy is a recruiter with CGIS, its a pretty good job
                The position I got referred to the hiring manager for is Marine Inspector (1801). I was wondering how much they work with CGIS and if being a Marine Inspector would be good experience for an 1811 position.


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                  has anyone seen this in the application questions before??

                  Answer to this question is required.
                  I am requesting consideration under Executive Order 13473 as a noncompetitive military spouse based on the transfer of my military spouse and I certify that I have not previously used this authority to obtain a position in the commuting area of this position.

                  the job posted answers to questions like this:
                  I became familiar with UCMJ based on significant work experience in a maritime environment

                  and some of the docs required :
                  Attorney - Supplemental Skills Not in Resume

                  Attorney Application Package

                  PCS Orders

                  Proof of 100% Service Connected Disability

                  Proof of Marriage

                  Proof of Marriage to Deceased Armed Forces Member
                  seemed odd to me?


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                    The document section corresponds with the questionnaire. If those questions and documents don't apply to you, then I'd say don't worry about it.


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                      Anyone apply to the opening(s) they had recently? Or know anyone who does this for the Coast Guard and if they enjoy it?


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                        I apply for almost every CGIS announcement. I typically get referred, but never advance further than a referral.

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                      It’s a closed shop. If you aren’t already in contact with the SAC, you won’t get hired as a civilian.

                      And you necroposted a six year old thread…


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                        Current MCIO 1811 here and 2nd that. Went to a FLETC course with CGIS guys a while back. You either have to had worked a big case with CGIS to get noticed and/or be a current 1811 with connections.

                        Reserve IV positions are more or less in the same boat.

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                        Correct. Seems every time it’s posted nobody listens to those in the know.

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                      Anyone have any idea what the mobility is like for CGIS agents? Do they get force moved often like the other MCIOs, or are agents able to stay in one location?


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