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  • Experience prior to 1811

    I've been searching these forums for a while now but haven't found specifically what I'm looking for, so I decided to attempt to directly ask the question.

    As an 1811, does your duties/assignments directly relate to the individual's prior experience and education? For an example, if one was to pursue an accounting degree to be more competitive, would their assignments be geared more to that type of work? I have started pursuing a double major in criminal justice and spanish. However, I read on another thread the mention that spanish proficiency was like asking to remain on the SW border for a long time..

    Thanks for the help, guys. As I said earlier, I tried searching but couldn't exactly find any direct answers.

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    It depends on the agency. In my experience, at the larger 1811 agencies it usually doesn't affect your assignment at all. The Bureau for example is famous for putting Mandarin Chinese speakers from NY on a bank robbery squad in Omaha. The reason for this is that it is impossible for the big agencies to be bureaucratically efficient to where each person is individually evaluated and placed where they are best suited. It's just too many people moving around, so they just go with the drunk monkey method.

    In the smaller agencies, there is probably more individual attention paid to new hires, both at the HQ and field level. A lot of times, new agents hired at these agencies are known quantities who have either worked with the hiring agency before or got a good reference from a current agent. In that situation, you might see people hired for a specific need based on their individual background.
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      Thanks for the reply, iceagent.


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