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need some clarification on application questions


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  • need some clarification on application questions

    I'm in the process of completing my application for a local sheriff's department. I'm a ten year vet with the Florida department of corrections and ready to move on to a better paying job with a professional agency. i was wondering if i could get some clarification on some of the app's questions. I'm not looking for answers to the questions just what exactly is being asked. I know some of these questions might be considered "common sense" but i want to know exactly what i should put down so i don't leave anything out. I want to stand out as an applicant with a professional demeanor as I'm extremely motivated to get on with a professional agency.

    1. List all other names you have used including circumstances and time periods you used them. (For example: maiden name, former name(s), alias(es), or nickname(s). Include original documentation of legal name change (e.g.marriage certificate and/or divorce decree).

    #Name Circumstance Date From (mm/yyyy)Date To (mm/yyyy)

    * If my name was Bobby Joseph Smith would i list Bobby J. Smith, Bob Smith, Bobby Smith etc?

    ##2. Have you ever applied to, or performed, paid (or unpaid) services for a Law Enforcement agency not listed as employer? Yes No If yes, please explain.##

    Have you ever submitted an application or been employed by the $#^&%#$ County Sheriff's Office or any other Law Enforcement and/or Corrections agency? Yes No If yes, please explain.##

    * Seems like the same question to me?

    3. List all vehicles you currently own or operate. Use additional space on page 18, if needed.

    * I own a Jet Ski, would i include that as well?

    4. Have you ever received a ticket or been convicted of a traffic violation (exclude parking tickets)? If yes please explain?

    * When i was younger i received a few speeding tickets, do I explain each one (even though it was years ago) How would i go about explaining them?

    5. Have you ever committed a crime for which you were not arrested or convicted? ##

    6. Have you ever been detained, stopped, questioned or held for interview by any law enforcement agency for any reason, including minor traffic violations? If yes explain.

    How would i answer this one for all those prior speeding tickets?

    7. Describe any special abilities, interests, and hobbies including the degree of proficiency.

    8. Indicate any type of special license such as pilot, radio operator, etc., showing licensing authority, where the license
    was first issued, and date current license expires (except vehicle operator’s license).

    I would greatly appreciate any and all help on this matter. Thanks in advance!

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    Not to be a jag, but most of those seem pretty self explanatory. Stop reading so much into it.
    For the cops out there: You are an adult. If you want to write someone, write them. If you don't want to write someone, then don't write them.

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      Originally posted by jeffIL View Post
      Not to be a jag, but most of those seem pretty self explanatory. Stop reading so much into it.
      I agree, however.....
      1)list name you used on offical documents if they differ from your actual. dont worry about jeff/jeffrey, etc.
      2)They are different. Reread. THey are similar, granted, but one pretty much asks if you did any UNPAID work as a NONEMPLOYEE. Attention to detail.
      3) <shaking head> No.......
      4)Yes, list them, unles the application says a time frame . Explain them? In the case of a speeding ticket, you say, " iwas going xx mph in a yy zone, and i got caught. If it were a non-speeding ticket (Racing, laying drag, dui) you would have more explaining to do.

      6)your choice, either completely re-write the info (i would) or write "see #4" or "See above", but that makes it sound like you dont want the job bad enough to write a few lines.
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