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CGIS-1811 Houston, TX


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  • CGIS-1811 Houston, TX

    Anyone have any scoop on the 1811 with Coast Guard Investigative Service that was just listed yesterday? I have read through other threads on here about CG policy to carry, arrest, and other stuff that just about made my head explode.

    Any info would be great, i.e. actual work they do, firearms they carry, issued GOVs, and anything else related.

    Thanks in advance for the input...

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    The only contact I have ever had with CGIS has been them investigating hoax mayday calls and i never saw him with a weapon. It may just have been that he was a lazy agent but the jobs seems quiet lacklulster. Also that opening will more than likely go to a Coastie who is retiring from Active Duty they just have to post the opening to comply with federal hiring standards.
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      Worked with a CGIS agent on a ICE operation. He carried a gun, wore a vest and drove a g ride. One day’s worth of experience.
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        Link please? I could not find it on USA Jobs


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          A. It's for status candidates and others eligiblies only.... Here is their def:

          B. It's a GS-13 and the Agent in Charge of the RAO Houston, TX Office.... . You have to bring a TON of experience to the table to even be looked at..... I can only suspect that there will lots of GS-12/13 1811s applying for it..... It's not entry level to say the least.......

          C. Here is the USCGIS Link:

          D. Link to the job:

          Once rate a 1811 GS-13 and be in charge of office .... Got to bring a LOT to the table....a LOT......

          Good luck if you apply....
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            Bearcat, I was just about to post the link and you beat me to it!

            The other 1811 GS-13 is located within the Assistant Commandant for Intelligence and Criminal Investigations, CGIS Headquarters, Arlington, VA.


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              Originally posted by Arewethereyet View Post
              Bearcat, I was just about to post the link and you beat me to it!
              That's what I am here for....

              I figured the poster that didn't see it isn't a status candidate and couldn't see it because of that.....and I had seen it early and chuckled.... GS-9/11/12....Maybe Bearcat could rate that (he has in the past)

              But no way I can rate a 13 and be in charge of an office without FLETC.......


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                I threw some chips in on this one...I have a good bit of martime CN and port operations experience from my Navy SWO days and am currently in a similar grade as a GS. That said, no FLETC, no sworn LE, probably (correction: certainly) no chance.

                Oh well. Might as well make 'em say no!


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                  Oh yeah? What kind of favors


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