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Moving to Washington DC Area...?


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  • Moving to Washington DC Area...?

    This might not be the most appropriate location for this (but I suppose the moderators will guide me there...).

    Anyway, looking into a new LE gig in the DC area - can anyone familiar with the region advise where most cops/agents etc. look to settle down. I assume its out side of the DC area - MD, VA?

    Which areas are suitable for young families (good schools, safe, commute not totally unbearable)

    Appreciate the input!

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    Lots of threads on the subject if you look around using the search engine......

    Lots of folks will tell you different things depending on how much you can afford, if school districts are important for you, if being close to a Metro Stop is important to you, etc....

    That said....I lived in DC for almost 5 years and lived in the Crystal City/Pentagon City of Arlington and loved it. Tons of restaurants, bars, shops, stores, nightlife, etc.... for me to be happy. It is pricey due to it being so close to Metro Stops.....but I think it's worth it.

    If you have to drive in from there, it's really close....depending on what part of DC you are going into....

    Crime Rates are very low.....and the Commonweatlth allows folks to carry concealed....

    If you have any more specific questions, ask.... Lots of people from the area on here...


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      I second Arlington as being a great place close to the city, but not necessarily the best for young families as mentioned in your last line. Arlington does have some decent schools, but you will not be able to afford to buy a house in any of those neighborhoods on an entry-level fed salary. You also stated you wanted a commute that was not totally unbearable. Unfortunately, affordable single-family homes in the DC area and unbearable commute are basically synonymous. I've lived in both MD and VA and have a slight preference to VA. I particularly like the Loudon Co. area, (Ashburn, Broadlands, etc.) however the commute will still be far. If you are lucky enough to get a take-home G-ride, VA law allows you to use the HOV lanes which help to shorten the ride time.

      To get a feel for the schools and communities, go to Great Schools dot Net for research. Look for nice homes on the Internet then cross-reference the local elementary school, high school, etc. A home can look great on the computer until you find out your kids will be going to a school where 87% of the students are getting free lunches and the academic test scores rank them in the bottom third for the state.


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        in St Marys Maryland

        Hi I'm down in St Marys Maryland not bad here if you like the sticks and not to far from stuff
        about 1 hour to dc give or take, not bad if you have kids.... I'm about 30 to 45 min's form 3 military bases most of the houses were we live are on 2 acres so the house are don't on top of each other
        I like it...if you are looking at building a home.... they are great i give them a 5 stars... http://www.marrickinc.com hope that help.... if u do go with them let me know... and put my name down... Thanks good luck with the move... it not cheap in the MD, DC, VA


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          So long as this doesn't frighten you, you'll love it here
          Our houses are protected by the good Lord and a gun.
          And you might meet 'em both if you show up here not welcome son.


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            Originally posted by KapsFB View Post
            So long as this doesn't frighten you, you'll love it here
            That's leaving.... Kinda looks like coming to town as well.....

            That's why I loved just across the bridge and didn't have to deal with that non-sense most times........until some chucklehead opted to crash on the bridge and/or those idiots from VDOT were doing work in the middle of the rush hour...


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              I actually live right by the 'mixing bowl'. I'd recommend Fairfax and west for families. The commute is much shorter the closer in you are, but if I had kids, I'd put them in a Fairfax school before other public schools in the area. Good luck!


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                Originally posted by phoenix14 View Post
                I'd put them in a Fairfax school before other public schools in the area.
                I will second that if kids are an issue to the OP. Fairfax County School District is amazing.... My ex's kids went/go there.....

                If kids were the case, I'd look in the Springfield/Kingstowne area....real close to 395/95 and close to several Metro stops.....


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                  here is what we have Good old St Marys,,,


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                    Originally posted by RED459 View Post
                    here is what we have Good old St Marys
                    If I moved to Southern MD, I'd got with Charles County since I know the Sheriff personally.... No offense....


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                      St Marys, Charles, and Calvert go throw the same training.... there is good and bad to them all... they have take home cars its all what u want .... there is a lot more in Charles to do..... I wouldn't live there my self...
                      lot less crap down my way... they have a class coming up soon....


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                        there is a guy lives by me works there... They are even allowed to take there car into VA.... if they live on that side... King George... A lot cheaper of there... not as nice ....


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                          Virginia Sucks
                          Just shut your damn hole

                          Dead Souls-----They keep calling me


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                            I try to avoid any county named after royalty.
                            This is for all you new people. I only have one rule: everyone fights, no one quits. You don't do your Job i'll shoot you myself.


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