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    I know this topic may have been discussed previously, but I can't find an answer to my specific question so I thought I'd start a new thread. I've been in contact recently with the USSS office in my area and it looks like I'll be able to get an unpaid internship with them beginning in the fall. Since it'll be my senior year, I want this internship to be a really solid experience. The secret service website says that unpaid interns (and even STEP ones) mostly just do clerical work, but I've read on other forums that a USSS internship is actually quite engaging. Any pervious interns/agents/others have thoughts on this? The office was very helpful and the recruiter I spoke with was great, but I want to make sure the experience will be worth it.

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    I interned with another agency and I'll be blunt - the majority of the work was clerical support and the work that the officers I worked with didn't like to deal with, let us call it the boring BS work that nobody wanted to touch. With that said, I learned a lot from being around the officers, they openly discussed cases with me, answered any questions I had and gave me different views that I may not have thought of on my own, and I was able to show the entire office what I was capable of and that I would make a good member of the team. Though I think I've chosen not to apply with the office at this point, they have continued to work on recruiting me because I left a very positive impression with them.

    I would say take the internship for two reasons (unless you have something better lined up):
    1) You may be able to make a good impression that would help you turn this into a full-time position. If you apply with the USSS after your internship then you would list this on your resume along with a reference or two that the hiring official would definitely call upon for a recommendation. Internships open doors and it's often all about who you know.
    2) YOU CAN LIST IT ON YOUR RESUME! Regardless of what you did there, listing that you interned with the USSS carries weight and the agency is easily recognizable. There are those that done care for the agency, but for the most part you should expect to get an extra look having this internship as compared to someone else that doesn't have that same experience.


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      I interned with USSS and most of the work of an intern IS clerical work. If a protection details comes in the area and they can make time for it, you may be able to see the agents in action, you may not. I interned during the 2004 elections when all the agents were out of the office most of the time on the campaign trail so I never got to see anything "exciting," other than the office copier jamming a few times.

      Now I'd also suggest seeing if they still have the Stay in School Clerk (SISC) positions. These were like paid internships for college students that granted you actual employment (which gets you a TS security clearance and you start accruing leave/time with the US Gov't. I didn't know about the SISC positions until I was already an intern and in my last semester of school, otherwise I would have applied for the position myself. I don't believe they advertise them on the USSS main website or USAJobs, you have to call the local field office and inquire with them about openings for the office you'd work at.


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