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Ethical Question Regarding Education


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  • Ethical Question Regarding Education

    I was in a group recently having a discussion. Keep in mind that this was NOT a law enforcement group, but rather a group of mostly private sector employees. Anyway, one woman mentioned that she had been applying for a number of jobs, but wasn't getting any calls for interviews. She stated that she suspected the reason was that she listed her Master of Arts degree. She continue by stating that she started just listing her Bachelor of Arts degree and leaving off her graduate degree and the calls for interviews increased. I fully realize that the above scenario may have been coincidental and that she may have received calls for job interviews and/or eventual job offer(s) even if she did list her graduate degree. Anyway, lets here it from my fellow list members, is omitting a degree that you do have ethical or not. Most people would agree that listing a degree that you do not have is not ethical, but is this the same or not?

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    You pose a very interesting question. The truth is, your friend is not unique. I have seen and heard it before within law enforcement. In some agencies, graduate education is scrutinized because agency managers are suspect of your motivation to join there agency. Personally, I believe it is a shame because there are many amazing candidates who are passed over because they are "over educated". I am unsure how to answer your ethical question on the subject, but I will answer in terms of practicality. If one has accolades that they do not list and are asked for on an application, they might very well get the interview, but they likely will not get the job. Management will eventually find out, and a degree is not something you can say you simply forgot to mention. When they find out, that person will be labeled a liar and will be passed over. The situation is a bit of a Catch 22 and the applicant in many respects is damned if they do, and damned if they dont.

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