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How does one pass a Psych eval ??


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    uhhhhh by not being a looney


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      Originally posted by irishlad2nv View Post
      What are you going to do with your cert. if you can not pass the pysch again? Do you think it's worth it to spend the money to self-sponsor and then not pass the test again? Two times to me is a light bulb going off that, yeah something may be wrong and LE may not be in your future. But we are not you....Best of luck.
      Well I need to pass the psych before I begin the academy to get certified so if i do not pass then i guess I will
      have to cut my losses and pursue a different career


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        Originally posted by MDPD4LYFE View Post
        yes both evals were in the same place however with different examiners. Believe me i am not crazy and all ive
        ever wanted to do since i was 12 was become an officer and serve my community with the highest level of
        integrity and honor.
        For the umpteenth, hundredth time. It may not be about "being crazy"

        It is about maturity, confidence, ability to work (sometimes unsupervised) within department guidelines, critical thinking, patience, and last, but not least, will you fit in with a particular organization's "team."

        There have been other posters, here, who have failed a psych for one department and passed for another. Same candidate, same question & answers, and different outcomes based upon what the different departments were looking for in their hirees.

        You have another option. Why not hire your own pshrink to administer the MMPI/CPI and IQ tests, interview you and provide you with an evaluation as to what areas of improvement you might make.
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          Originally posted by QuietPro View Post
          Negative, sir. The MMPI 2, which seems to be the most common written pych. test format for most departments nowadays, has built in controls to determine when a candidate is "faking good" or "faking bad"....in other words, if you respond to questions with what you think the department wants to hear, the psychologist who is supposed to evaluate the test scores is trained to know it. This test info is widely availible on the net for people to research.....
          If you're interested, just check the thread I linked earlier. It was very obvious to me which questions were designed to catch liars and I even predicted in advance (on here in dated posts) which of my responses would probably be flagged (incorrectly) and I was totally right. For example, I said that I have no problem sleeping (which is true) and I said that I am very easily awakened while sleeping (also true). That was flagged as "inconsistent." I said that I am not afraid of being in water (true) and I said that I am scared of drowning (also true) because I'm not a good swimmer but I'm fine being in a pool. To the question "Are you afraid of people OR things that you know can't hurt you?" I said yes because I know that roaches can't hurt me. The shrink actually said that I was just trying to "cleverly" lie my way out of admitting that I was scared of people who can't hurt me by my response to her challenge on it and forced me to argue with her about the difference between the word "OR" and the word "AND."

          Any idiot knows that the right answer to that question is "No, I'm not afraid of any people OR things that I know can't hurt me" if he's trying to answer the way the department wants him to answer. I chose to answer 100% honestly anyway and, as I said, I predicted exactly which questions would cause problems on here the same day I took the test and long before the results came back. All of the questions that I mentioned were exactly the ones flagged as "inconsistent." Basically, anybody bright enough to be even a halfway decent criminal would recognize which questions to lie about if he were trying to fool that test. OTOH, someone who is really conscientious about being 100% honest stands a good chance of getting flagged inappropriately.

          Therefore, I'd suggest that honesty should be your baseline but if you have a specific concern that an honest answer to one question could be misconstrued as being "inconsistent" with another response, just give them the answer that's obviously consistent with the other one even if it's not literally true because of the way they're worded.

          Here, this is what I posted originally the day that I took the test:

          Originally Posted by ProWriter
          I'm not sure if it was the MMPI, but it was 400 questions and the answers were 1 thru 5 from "Strongly Disagree" to "Strongly Agree." I can see how being truthful and just trying to be accurate can trigger "deception" flags. I've always had Kirch's problem with multiple-choice tests, because the answers are sometimes too narrow for your truthful answer. For instance, I answered "Strongly Disagree" to the statement "I am afraid of water," but "Agree Somewhat" to "I am afraid of drowning," (because I'm comfortable in water, but no great swimmer). Another question asked about fear of bugs (or "insects"), which I answered differently from the question about spiders, because I'm only a big ***** around ROACHES, which are "insects," but spiders don't bother me at all. There were about a dozen other pairs of very similar questions that I figured were designed to identify deception, but they were different enough in content (at least to me) that I gave different answers to them, because I was trying to be honest and not read into their possible motive for asking each question.

          ...and that's exactly what happened when the results came back and the shrink wanted to dicsuss my "inconsistent" responses.
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            Originally posted by M-11 View Post
            Have you considered the possibility that you may be insane?

            Generally, you probably wouldn't know if you were.

            I was going to suggest don't be crazy, it won't help.


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              I took one for Dallas PD it was well over 500 questions long. Then because they could not say yes or no if I passed the test they made me take another 150 or 250 question test. Advice I was given was do not answer the questions like a Law enforcement officer. I passed but I was also taken to the side and asked and whole lot of questions because of answers I put on another questioner. Like

              Have you don't harm to anyone under the age of 15 years?
              Have you ever broke in to someones home and did harm to them?
              Have you ever done anything that would be a felon in this state?

              Many more and all where answered YES! But they where all when I served in Iraq.


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