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I got the call- here is why.


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  • I got the call- here is why.

    This week I got the call from the CA Department of Corrections for an invitation to the Parole Agent's academy.

    This has been the culmination of YEARS of trying to secure a job in law enforcement. For those trying, I thought I would pass on my tale. Not to scare anyone into thinking it will take as long for you as it has for me, but to encourage anyone trying - keep at it.

    I left the Army in 1996, and have been trying in one capacity or another since then to secure a position. My story is quite simply, my advice even simpler. Do not give up; ALWAYS be working at improving your chances.

    After the Army, I finished my BA…times were tough. I sent many applications, interviewed numerous times. I was not successful, so I kept on.

    Finished my MA, continued to test, continued to interview.

    I worked diligently at my non-LEO career, I sought after and accepted increasing responsibility, gained management experience.

    I kept my credit good, kept myself out of trouble, and kept company with people who would be good references.

    I kept myself busy, and continued to apply. I tested with CDCR three years ago. I studied hard. I made contacts within Parole and showed them my interest in their department. I wrote Thank You notes to anyone who would talk to me. I followed up with my contacts a couple times per year; let them know that I was still interested – without being a PITA.

    …and I got the call.

    Here are the cliff notes: work hard, don’t ever give up, think about your LEO goals when making any decision – you’ll have to stand in front of a background investigator someday to account for your choices.

    Good luck to those following this path. I can tell you with great sincerity: even after my 14 year journey, I am thankful for every step of the process.
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    Great Post and Great Job- Congratulations!!!

    There are no stupid questions, but there sure are a lot of inquisitive idiots.


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      Since some people need to be told by notes in crayon .......Don't PM me with without prior permission. If you can't discuss the situation in the open forum ----it must not be that important

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        Awesome story and good for you, congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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          That is great to hear....welcome to our world


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            That is very motivational, thank you for sharing and Congratulations.
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              Congratulations on your accomplishments, however taking 15 years to get in is downright ridiculous. The hiring processes for LE jobs are very different at times. I know people that cannot get a job with the proper schooling and military background, while i know others who went in the field just because they needed a paycheck, had a degree in accounting and were never in the military or had any interest in a LE job to begin with, and made it in fairly easy. I have to give it up to you for keeping at it that long, heck if you had kept at any career you could have retired in 5 years lol.


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                Wow I know guys across the country who gained employment with only a GED or two year degree within 6mnths-1 year of applying for an LEO job. Your story is great but there must be something missing here. With military, education, and the abundance of LEO jobs there have been up until this recession you shouldn't have had a problem. Were you trying for one particular job or not willing to be a regular street cop?


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                  Congrats, train hard!


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